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  • cilentro731 cilentro731 Oct 20, 2010 5:07 PM Flag

    "Dead cat" bounce, or the real thing?

    I remember the crash of gold in 1980... but in an inflation/dollar respective... the price of gold is undervalued, as of today's value's... silver is even more undervalued, as a monetary and industrial metal... SVM is a dividend play on that... it sure beat's near 0% interest rate's on short term money... but then again I read that most folk's took out most of their money out of stock's and put them in bond's.... lately.. go figure. I guess folk's are still scared to invest.... of another 2008! Yikes!

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    • Here's a nice "fluff" article on the Yahoo top 10 news for gold Longs.
      Sooooo Fluffy!

    • I remember folk's lining up to sell their gold back in 1980. Now you have sign's all around of folk's wanting to buy your gold... First off... who is selling at these low prices, despite almost every Guru on Kitco, that are saying we are due for a pull back. Those commentary folk's now have many paid subscriber's that want gold to go down. Kitco make's it's money on trader's... but after I mentioned it... Mr. Nadler is not saying "happy trading" anymore at the end of his "alway" negative on gold's commentary.

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      • But I alway's end any post on a GLD/SLV board that because of the popularity of the gold/silver ETF's that the folk's that mine the PM are, IMO , undervalued... I will give my best pick, SVM... The gold/xau index historically is in a strong buy area... circa the past.. but because of all these gold/silver etf's... folk's do not want to take a risk... the ole saying is with risk comes reward, as long as the balance sheet of the company is good.

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