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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer May 3, 2011 5:50 AM Flag

    Is Monetary Inflation Good, Bad, Indifferent?

    If you look back at the despression of the 30’s, DEFLATION was a boon to the common man. However, it was exactly the opposite for those of great wealth, who measured their wealth in terms of fiat dollars and other forms of paper wealth, which were losing value. So this news clip was a piece of artful economic propaganda meant to deceive all common folk that were naïve enough to buy the propositions contained therein; that the printing of money could bring about prosperity. Yes indeed. It did bring about prosperity for all those who became much wealthier through the hidden tax of declining monetary value which created ever larger numbers of wage slaves who periodically had to demand increases from those that employed them to compensate for the “money’s” loss in value. And somehow, little by little, those increases fell behind what previous wages could buy. So now both parents in a household must work to maintain previous living standards.

    Inflation is an invented word meant to disguise the true meaning of fiat money that was losing value. Ever since those times, and even prior to 1913, the banksters and their super rich handlers sought to find ways to pass off counterfeit money to the masses. They needed wage slaves, and what better way to insure that the masses would have to struggle ever more than to force them to submit to a medium of exchange that constantly was losing value.

    Now we are at a point in time where other countries wish to divest themselves of the world’s reserve currency, the Dollar. For them it has to be a long term plan. But that is where many countries are headed, such as Russia, China and even Mexico. Germany, to some extent, appears to have learned its lesson from the days of the Weimar Republic. The leadership of the United States, political, corporate financial, mainstream media outlets and university economic departments have been digging a hole for the country’s citizens from which it will be extremely difficult to climb out of. And even more worrisome is the fact that they have yet to be forthright about the root causes of this country’s economic problems, the disappearance of Constitutional money.

    Constitutional money (gold, silver & copper) would increase in “value”. That is because it cannot be brought into existence by a printing press. So those who have savings in Constitutional money would experience an increasing ability to buy today what was more expensive yesterday as more and more people gravitate towards a real medium of exchange, which of course increases its rarity and therefore its value.

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    • excellent summary...thnx

      • 1 Reply to ttopcrown
      • Rather than “enjoying” Batschwing’s link to government propaganda of the day trumpeting the beneficial effects of fiat currency, consider the following link supplied by Hillsdale College:

        tinyurl_com/HillsdaleCollege-SethLipsky (replace the “_” with “.” on the address line to access)

        There’s nothing like calling it like it is. Forget all this arcane garbage of attempting to define the math behind fiat currency economics, which could be likened to a bank robber educated in higher mathematics attempting to define mathematically the methodology required in a bank heist.

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