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  • vertrosaht vertrosaht May 26, 2011 10:04 AM Flag

    At what point do we admit to ourselves

    that the USA is now a socialist country

    lets just be honest about it

    50% living off medicare medicais ssi, social security
    20% living off food stamps
    unemployment benefits stretching now into 3 years
    60% do not pay taxes

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    • “let’s just be honest about it” ….OK, you’re on.

      When the US Federal government bails out the banking industry with trillions of dollars – that is not socialism – it is fascism. It is an un-American, un-holy alliance between business and the government.

      When the US Supreme Court affords corporations all the rights of a “citizen” under a very cloudy view of the 14th Amendment – that is fascism. These business “citizens” flood the elective process with unlimited money, and the politicians – Republican and Democrat – take the money and do their bidding.

      Rather than pointing out that “sixty percent” of the people do not pay taxes, a dubious claim on face value – General Electric paid NO corporate taxes last year, and to add insult GE was able to carry over a multi-billion dollar tax credit for next year. But, a hamburger flipper pays a seven percent FICA tax – matched by his employer – on each and every dollar they will earn. That fourteen percent flat tax is then “borrowed” by the Federal government, backed up by a worthless IOU and added to the general revenue fund. Nothing but an accounting note goes to Social Security. And then the government claims Social Security is going bankrupt.

      No taxes? Fill your gas tank – Federal tax. Outside of groceries there is a sales tax, a back door tax after taxes – a duplicitous tax on every dollar that is spent. Federal, state and local governments have invented fees and taxes on everything that moves. Local police are passing out traffic tickets to justify their jobs as revenue collectors.

      As the tea baggers scream Socialism – understand this – I agree the system has been hijacked and is broken, but it is Fascism. Does this seemingly small detail help the unemployed? Or help the family that cannot put food on the table or a roof over their head? Does it create one more good job in this country? Does it keep the elderly out of crushing poverty or afford health care in old age? Unfortunately NO it does not make a whit’s worth of difference.

      But, let’s be honest – it’s FASCISM.

    • Fascist country. Just imagine if we did bring the troops home, what would they do?

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