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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jun 10, 2011 4:36 AM Flag

    Creation of a currency

    You are requesting a re-read of your questions. Your questions were answered. Please re-read the answers.

    Adam Smith was quoted in the answer to your questions. Also, the US Constitution was referenced. Screen name opinions, not only are irrelevant, they do not answer your questions, which must be founded on legal documents, like the US Constitution, and respected opinions that have survived the test of time, such as those of Adam Smith.

    Additionally, Antal Fekete’s opinions were referenced in the reply to Batshwing. Please read Fekete’s article. His opinions are sound, unlike considerations of such outlandish concepts as “bitcoins”.

    All of the replies advanced by “Hapiwondrer” deal with the concept of currency, if you are willing to do an in depth re-read. Otherwise it seems impossible to discuss your Topic of “Creation of a currency” simply because you apparently are unable to accept the notion that banknotes are fraudulent, whether they are bits or bark, and persist in attempting to convince others that they are not. Whether this springs from an effort to propagandize what many of us consider an absurd fraud, paper or electronic currencies, or whether you actually haven’t arrived at the conclusion that they are, is unknown. Only you can make that “perfectly clear”.

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