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  • fulsgold fulsgold Jul 14, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    WISCPHIL and Rupert Murdoch listens to dead troops voicemails

    >>>Hey. It's not my fault your cheer leaded the Iraqi invasion. Just like I'm sure you will cheerlead the next military incursion.

    >>>It is difficult to find a major news outfit that is not influenced by the oligarchs. Just watch the news with the knowledge that most of what you are being told is lies. If you are unable to discern things for yourself just believe the exact opposite of what you are told and more often than not you will be correct.<<<

    I don't know how you can say that I "cheer leaded" the attack on Iraq. I never did any such thing. I supported our military in going after those responsible for 9-11 and hiding in Afghanistan, as did the majority Americans. Did you, or are you one of those who like to sling mud and snipe at those supporting our troops? Once our troops were ordered to invade Iraq under Bush's orders, was I supposed to abandon them, sorta like what happened in Viet Nam by those like you in that war?

    How and why Iraq was invaded is another story, but not part of what I wanted or supported at that time. I was skeptical of the WMD excuse and did not completely rule it out, but not of the military trying to seek out those responsible for attacking this country; they go where they are ordered. The Iraq invasion came rather quickly after Afghanistan and the 9-11 debacle, so there was plenty of folks yelling for heads in the heat of battle.

    There was much news coming out of every agency here about the upcoming invasion, including MSM, Fox, radio, newspapers, magazine articles, blogs, websites here and around the world, etc., so it is difficult for me to believe that you somehow were the only one to realize what was happening was no more than a grand hoax being played on the world.

    Remember, Democrats as well as Repubs, BOTH, gave their blessing to invade for WMDs stockpiled there and the UN sent them off with kisses. I'll be willing to bet that YOU and other apes on this board took the bait as well, so don't throw that "cheerleading" crap on me little man.

    Apparently, you must have had some magical cosmic communication device that gave only you, little wiscphil, the exact up-to-the-minute account of what was going on at that exact time, a truth machine. I just wish that you would have let us all in on your frequency, so that we could have been on the same wavelength as you. But alas, you failed us again. (sigh!)

    As for my support of the attacks on Libya or any idea that we should invade another country is a krok of s.h.i.t. You ain't laying that on me. A globe-trotting neocon, I am NOT.

    AS for your advice concerning how I should gather the news, filter information and discern how to make decisions regarding what is truthful, plausible and distinguishable from outright lies is laughable. I agree with much of what you say most of the time, but after this latest post by you, it just paints you as bush-league and clueless.

    FYI and to help the mentally lame here... bush-league - Of inferior or unprofessional quality; second-rate:

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    • inexpensive jumps out of bed to hide messages all day long LMAO!

    • So the gov't is operated as a ponzi. Fractional reserve is for all intents and purposes a ponzi as well.

    • SS has been known as a ponzi for decades. Nothing new there. Our entire economy is manipulated by crony capitalists. We would not be in this predicament if MR. Market were left alone to operate in a truly free market. Look at the manipulation of gold and the stock market, just like clockwork these thugs in the FED and Wall St pump and dump on right on queue.

      Got Gold?

    • He used the word Ponzi scheme in reference to social security. That is one step closer to admitting that this whole thing in one.

    • You lost me. Patooie? ????,lol

    • Fwiw Schiff's latest video uses that p word I use so frequently. You will be hearing that word more in the future IMO.

    • What, no sarcastic comeback? Refreshing. FYI, I agree with your economist assessment...just BS artists. Of course, most economists are steeped in Keynesian philosophy anyhow and most would never suggest gold and silver. That being said, your idea of owning gold and silver has a way of washing out some of your more erroneous ideas about economics. Tee hee hee

      AS for your suggestion that I invest heavily in silver, I am light years ahead of you, but thanks.

    • To reply to your comment about "the top 1% taking a haircut", I fully agree. I was never in disagreement, Pete.

      The top 1% would never have accumulated the kind of wealth without the aide of crony capitalism and inflation. I am pretty sure both Fulsgold and Wiscphil agree: crony capitalism is a big problem in the world, and I recall they have advocated so in the past.

      The US is definitely shifting into the other extreme, into an oligarchy type rule. Many people who cannot produce enough profit for their employer will be left out on the street to die. Unfortunately, there will be little or no mercy come this time around for the underdeveloped class of people. And now, because of both Big B’s, those people will be even more reliant on receiving handouts.

      It will be tough times for many people. But we need it. I just hope we don't run to low on compassion.

      How do we counter-balance that problem?

      People need to be both self-reliant and able to work together in a community for the common good and to create prosperity for everyone. This has been lost and/or taken away. Look to the Amish people as an example of well functioning groups in a society. The problem is with big unrighteous groups whose goals are controlling others to serve the group’s self-imposed purpose of rule.

      Like I said before, I never dismissed Noam. I am interested to listen to his other views. I did post within this topic (though not showing up under my 'view messages’ but is under a reply to Fuls) that I agree with a couple of his ideas, so far.

    • I think most of what is accepted economics is complete Bull S. I have little respect for the opinions of most economists in all honesty. As long as you are buying gold(for whatever reason) you should do well. And if you had listened to me ~two years ago and bought silver instead you have done that much better :)

    • Thanks, teacher. But they are not angry rants...they are what they are, as you once stated, "it is what it is". Truth hurts and you're no exception. You are also correct that you're no economist (I can tell). Do you think bats is an economist, lol?

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