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  • aroseisarose2 aroseisarose2 Aug 9, 2011 6:33 AM Flag

    so depressed

    Being a single mom, raising 4 children alone, I am now watching what little retirement funds and college funds I put away slowly get stolen from me. I own some physical gold and silver and buy when I can, but sleepless nights and a horizon of unending work is taking its toll. Love gold bugs, over the years their advice is what kept some sanity in a world gone mad. THanks Obama for ruining everything. God help us.

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    • College? You will never save enough as they raise tuition 12%
      every year. Spend the money NOW on GOLD AND SILVER and teach
      your kids on how to run their own business. Screw corporate
      america and their bullcrap you HAVE TO go to college and be
      IN DEBT for 20 years! AIN'T WORTH IT BABY>

    • God bless you. You have my admiration and prayers. I'm sure things will work out for you, just keep doing what you're doing and never give up hope.

    • Don't give up hope. Be determined to keep going.
      You can also apply for single mother grants which provide housing and other financial assistance for single moms.
      These grants can help you out tremendously.
      read more here -

    • What a load of CRAP! I saw you post some similar BS on another MB. Either you are a gigantic loser of you are just looking for some attention - or both. Try hooking. You can always make a couple of dollars doing that.

    • I'am sorry. most of us are so depressed. We are all in the same boat. My sister told me yesterday that she has been borrowing money from her her 401K for her 2kids to go to college. Her account dropped over 25%. She couldn't sleep and cried.......I have many more sad stories. maybe we need to write a book together...I have a tille for the book|

      We hired them to work FOR us and
      Look and what they DO to us, the poor people.

      They should cut their budget by reducing their salaryb50% and cut their benefits by 75%. My brother knows some one who used to work for Whashington, he said he has so much benefits/money that he does not know what to do it all of his benefits!!!!!!!!

    • You are living in the aftermath of the BUSH ECONOMY. If you are going to be depressed, at least get it right. Then, take action, and yes hold your gold or any real assets like land. We will make it through this.

    • Warning: this is politically incorrect:

      Single motherhood is the single biggest reason for poverty, as well as the biggest factor behind teen and young persons' drug abuse, poor school performance, lawlessness and low self-esteem--all even worse for males who are raised without fathers in the home.

      For years liberals--especially feminists (who have big-government agendas) have erroneously convinced many women that they "don't need a man." But in regards to children, at least, research shows that they do.

      Good luck!

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      • And I believe that the decades-long and unrelenting attack on the family, and the promotion of welfare by the socialist forces has, unfortunately, succeeded in destroying most inner city families, as well as large percentages of other ethnic and white families. The results? Many of our current socio-economic problems, as entitlements such as welfare have gone through the roof, plus whole generations of young adults and kids are lacking adequate parenting, to include nurturing, discipline and participation in schoolwork and the kids' lives in general. This chaos in the family has spilled over into the society as a whole, as more and more of these neglected kids take to the streets with revenge and hate in their blood--witness the g-12 meeting riots, the on-going UK riots, where thousands of directionless youths appear to be rampaging for the sake of it, and in the US, marauding packs of youths attack each other the US and others for acceptance into gangs as surrogate families.

        Much of this has been by design--to create chaos--and to then have more people accept big government as the primary savior.

    • hey super trasmp get a jpob so your kids can get off welfare. And Thanks Bush for the this whole ball of WAX.

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      • She didn't say she was unemployed.
        While I won't lay all the blame at Obama's feet for this ponzi scheme that has been decades in the making, I can only conclude that, since blaming Bush has been the only response, there is NOTHING that can be done BUT blame. Is this the current administrations position? Is this yours? If not then what is the action to be taken or come out when you blame and admit you are powerless at this point. That all is lost, that Bush screwed stuff up beyond repair. Just say it if that's all you got and let the people know there will be no help/actions taken.

    • well I am holding onto my shares...that will be the thing that helps the most.

    • 63bluxome Aug 9, 2011 6:35 AM Flag

      after a post like this i am glad i sold my 1000 shares pre market. oh wow is me. gld tanks on the 15th.

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