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  • gotgoldies gotgoldies Oct 7, 2011 1:11 AM Flag

    updated 1980 Silver chart vs 2011

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    • I love this chart. The fact is precious metals are inflation hedges. That is at the core of demand. Silver also has half of its use as an industrial metal. It also does not have the widespread institutional ownership of gold. When you combine an economic downturn with a soaring dollar with a flighty retail speculator base its obvious silver is going to tank hard. That's exactly what its done and will continue.

      I've been informing this board about the dangers of golds "parabolic rise" and warned of the roaring return of the dollar before it happened. I also cought all of the silver crash and closed myself out at 28.80/ounce.

      The underlying problem with gold bugs is that they support their positions with ideas when infact a good trader(or speculator) supports their ideas with positions.

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      • Silver is the toy of market manipulators. Hunt brothers were simply replaced by another group this go around.

        Robert Kiyosaki was selling "Rich Dad" emblazoned silver rounds to the peasants at $40.00 per ounce when silver was spot was $20.00 per ounce.

        Kiyosaki was advising Mike Malone, the bullion dealer quoting $30,000 per ounce future price to pull in greedy ignorant peasants.

        And, Max Keiser's guests have intimated that Max has a business interest in silver, while Max was encouraging people to buy silver to take down JPM.

        Silver market is a tiny pool filled with big sharks!!! During that parabolic rise, the 1980s silver was flying out of the woodwork -- people couldn't wait to dump it after holding it at a loss for 30 years.

        Same game; different time; new wolfs in same old sheep's clothing.

      • llamain.

        are you looking to get into a silver position short or long any time soon?

    • you are one big dope you know that? Unless bernanke raises rates to double didgets silver will not drop below $25, or probably even $30, ever again. Silver is mostly up because the money supply $8.00 silver, and silver is now at $31-32 where it belongs. That is not going away either.

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