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  • rld4191966forever rld4191966forever Dec 9, 2011 7:57 AM Flag

    Any links to articles that say DON'T buy gold?

    I'm not a gold nut.
    I probably should own at least 20 ounces, but I'm hard headed and didnt get it around $1000/oz.
    We all know theres going to be some kind of global meltdown.
    I believe the dollar will be around until the One world currency. Who knows how long?
    This corzine thing wont be the last. fdic, ncua, sipc wont have enough to cover them all going under.
    There's definitely going to be a run on the banks as soon as one big one cant pass the buck around and fudge the accounting any longer.
    PHYSICAL CASH and gold will be the key.
    If you go to chase and ask for 5k CASH they hate that. Their vaults are about empty.
    $100 bills are VERY RARE, the banksters made sure they paid themselves first.

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