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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 12, 2011 1:41 PM Flag

    The ouster of the Republicans and Democrats

    The course that is being set for the future of the United States:

    Obama looses 2012 election.

    Results - he was in effective as a President whatever the reasons and excuses are. The American Citizen is still just being shafted as always and doesn't give a damn about partisian.

    The Republicans gain control of the Oval Office. (For the last time either parties have control.)

    Results - as usual there will be more bi-partisan semantics going on as ALWAYS. Fracking and high cost of energy and inability to develop alternative cost efficient energy. Insider trading by congress. The medical system destroying the elderly.

    These two parties are going to the way of the big AUTO who also took for granted producing a good product for their customers.

    Fast Forward - The AMERICAN CITIZEN draws the line finally and gives up on both parties and a massive campaign from several Billionaires births several new parties or at least catapults these new parties into center stage politics erodes the Republican and Democrat base. Finally we have seen the end of a corrupt and disconnected political parties who can no longer identify if ever with the population mass of the American Citizen; The public as they refer to us as. Shove the $10K bet where the sun don't shine. The media is clearly becoming less and less of a public darling. They media was already met and slapped in the face with the sweeping sentiment which is already the painted backdrop of the American Citizen. Simply put, change is demanded and the media can not sway it any longer as they have done so in the past. Journalistic integrity is no longer valid over the entire gamut and scope of what it covers from financial news, political and world news.

    The internet will be the dagger through the heart for these two parties and the lack of jobs and outlook for the United States after 200+ years and several staged wars to keep them in power will be the part that decapitates the heads of both parties!

    The writings on the wall. Generation Y is just about mature enough to start taking these scum ridden Republican and Democrat Parties out. The parents of Generation Y will no longer be able to deny how their current parties are inept and no longer or shall I say if ever capable of running a productive operation called the United States of America.

    The motto will be "if you can't reform it, burn it to the ground and start a new." We don't have to keep voting for the same turds.

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    • Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia Tycoon, Abandons Kremlin-Backed Party"

      similar headlines will be the common read for nations all over the world including ours.

      We would rather have a nutjob running this country just to spruce change then have these two politcal parties continually driving this nation's citzens into the ground. Though I think the days of an Aldof Hitler being elected will not be a repeated.

      These two parties have to be voted out though.


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