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  • briarspratt briarspratt Jan 30, 2012 11:34 AM Flag

    the problem with liberals.

    if there was ONE overriding pinciple in creation of this country it was the recognition by our founders of the perils of ABUSE of government.

    most steps along the way to our future from its beginnings began as tiny footprints in political powergrabbers bags of tricks, but they have succeeded in USA massive destruction over 15 trillions dollars debt rising billions daily. if it werent for confiscated cash necessary to pay off massive numbers of powerful voting blocs this bleak future for the USA never would have occurred. elections will not be catalyst for change it is far too late, and a great leader with vision as REAGAN is history,.

    the great depression with roosevelt in contol was ended ONLY by a great war, and not his and the lefties redistribution of wealth,the skyrocketing national debt was ended solely by WW 11, not social policy...

    you have to play defense today. it is far too late to change what we have become, mho, buy both the bonds and the gold.

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    • Seems like it should be common sense, Fuls.

      All we can do is share our own truths and insights from our life experiences and logic of how we think society as a whole should proceed.

      Life is a game of risk; no amount of security will ever secure a risk-free life.

    • Thank you, trade. It's assuring to know that there are folks like you out there who understand how our system is supposed to work. I don't claim to have an economics degree, but I do know the difference between capitalism and the system vensh, bubble and voting propose. So much for getting through to the board's Three Stooges.

      Infrastructure is definitely necessary to carry on production for profit, but to define bridge and road building as the PRIMARY function of a capitalist system is absurd. Repair requirements and additions are also necessary for existing infrastructure, but it, too, requires money earned from making and selling things, i.e., manufacturing.

    • Childish filth? Ha! What's childish about classifying Marxist trash when you see it? I just call a spade a spade. You, voting and that parrot/minion, bubbleboy, are three of a kind.

      Direct quote from Vensh's 'last commentary':
      >>>(Or maybe he does - "LOL, Tee hee hee, ROFLMAO" are some of his witless signatures, sensing the board is not laughing WITH him but AT him.)<<<

      So, you dislike my happiness and joy when laughing at your stupid antics, heh? Now that really hurts, vensh...NOT!!! At least I don't enclose every "last commentary" in parentheses. What's with that silly crap old boy?

      ((((((ROFLMAO, BWAHAHAHAAHA, Tee hee hee.))))))

      Sad for you vensh, but it doesn't take but a few clicks of the mouse to scan your past messages to see how you really "think" (cough, cough) and respond to MOST posters here, and it ain't pretty. Being the old died-in-the-wool Marxist that you are comes through those posts LOUD AND CLEAR. It's amazing to me that many of them don't call you out, as I do.

      Get used to the so-called "childish filth" 'cause there's MORE to come as long as you're here.

    • buy gold...who sez there is a short squeeze..never mind no one here would know that

    • I think he does realize that. But when confronted with real facts which he can't argue against, he slips back into his barrage of childish filth. He is recognized as a clown here but cares not how his absurd behavior is laughed at.

      (Or maybe he does - "LOL, Tee hee hee, ROFLMAO" are some of his witless signatures, sensing the board is not laughing WITH him but AT him.)

    • Still sniffing vensh's ssa I see. Tee hee hee

    • he doesn't realize that that highway infrastructure he is on and the internet he surfs was from government spending. You go to other countries and see how even some third world countries are so advanced and then you come back to the US and realize how far behind we are in some things.

    • Founding fathers! I'm sick about the phrase. What was so special about these founding fathers? Slave owners, slave fkkrs them all.

    • when you fools will get any smarter and stop using all the code words that stand for J.ews

      liberals, communists, neocons, pornographists, psychopaths, pedophiles, etc, are all code words for j.ews, the filth suffering from all mental disorders,

      the same j.ews who did 9/11, the same j.ews who killed 20 million of White Russians, the same j.ews that made dumb British and Americans slaughter millions of innocent Germans during WW1 and WW2,

    • Dont vote for Romney. Read Pirate Hunter. The lord Romneys of England hired Captain Kidd to go privateering. Then threw him under the bus. The Romneys are pirates and traitors! Not to be trusted!

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