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  • mitt_romney_4_prez mitt_romney_4_prez May 11, 2012 5:49 AM Flag

    how free markets work

    Isn’t really just how free markets work. Supply & demand: In 2012, gold production could reach a record 3,400 metric tonnes... or about 109.3 million troy ounces... @ $1,700/oz is $185.8 billion. $185,8 billion is chump change compared to all the gold buying for jewelry, central bank buying, ETF funds such as GLD, etc... The world is awash in paper money... $1.5 trillion annual deficits of B. Hussein Obama & the Democrats; coupled with deficit spending by Japan and other governments... where is all the printed money going. As an example, U.S. debt since B. Hussein took office has gone from $10.6 trill to nearly $16 trillion. Unless B. Hussein and his left-wing liberal Democrat allies can be stopped with a Balanced Budget Amendment; I predict the U.S. dollar will continue depreciating; the economy will continue to be flooded with cheapened currency; and yes, assets such as stocks and gold will continue going up in value.

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