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  • Smokeskull Smokeskull May 22, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

    Paper banker trolls want to burn the bridge to gold they live under

    There is nothing more entertaining than a powerless fool insisting that his new brand of paper is money while throwing away his real money out of spite.

    I really think these idiots are trying to burn the bridge back to gold because they actually think their paper money is going to survive. Every rumor of the bankers getting a hold of someone else's sovereign gold, gold gets hit. They get PIIGS gold to keep them from going to a gold backed currency and leaving the Euro. Then they dump it on the market, for what? Spite? Stupidity?

    What amazes me is that they are ruining their own countries. I am just getting a better deal even as the paper money system melts down. Paper bankers are a GD joke. They are trying to take all of the west down with them.

    You burn that bridge to gold you banker trolls live under. See how much protection you have when everyone knows you have no real money left. LOL.

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