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  • backhandtopspinslicer backhandtopspinslicer Jul 13, 2012 10:39 PM Flag

    last year 46,000 canadians came to the

    USA for medical treatment -- the main reason was long waits for government healthcare. Guess what? Canada has a relatively small population size -- think the our gov will do a better job at healthcare than the Canadian gov? If you do you are an idiot (not name calling just an objective call out of REALITY as it is)

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    • >>last year 46,000 canadians came to the

      don't be silly. stop listening to the radio and wake up. nobody is coming to the US from canada for healthcare, trust me.

    • Most people from age 15 to 60 are in perfect health. Forced Healthcare is a scam.

    • If you ever needed goverment service then you would know that the unionized goverment workers are lazy good for nothing slackers who dont care about you on simple matters and certainly wouldn't care if you died while waiting for goverment provided healthcare. All these slackers care about is their break time and will drag their feet on everything giving you the slowest worst service possible.

      None of the good doctors will work for goverment salaries and will only work for rich people who will pay them what they are really worth. That means that all the mediocre and worst doctors will be serving the non rich. If you die because of their incompetence you won't be able to sue the USA goverment. Of course Democrats plan is to destroy health insurance industry so that they can step in and take over. By then it will be too late.

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