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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 5, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    OT AVOID Sandstorm Gold, pumped by Cramer slimebag


    I have to post this warning on this message board since SAND does NOT have a YAHOO message board, and that is a major red flag right there. Beware any stock that does NOT allow contrarian evaluations of the company on a YAHOO message board. Typically they have something to hide.

    There are many red flags about that company but I'll list the key issues:

    If you check out the insider info, there are effectively NO notable funds with any positions in the company. If you doubt me, then go to the NASDAQ insider link and check for yourself. That is a major red flag because you do not want to pay $15 a share for a company that does not have any significant fund participation. Ask yourself why there are no funds involved in the company, as per the most recent NASDAQ insider report (that also reports on NYSE and AMEX listed stocks)

    The company is headed by some young puppy who is only 32 years old. I have NEVER seen proper management of any company come from some young kid like that. Any company requires its CEO to be properly seasoned, not merely in micro aspects of the company but also macro aspects of the economy. This kid is too young to be a competent CEO of a gold company, he lacks experience, as is typical of a young pup. There are reasons why Facebook crashed after its IPO, its CEO needs to be removed and replaced with somebody who knows how to manage a major biz, not some young kid, who might be smart with computers and software, but knows nothing about turning a profit.

    Finally, beware any gold company pumped by Cramer. He is a longtime gold hater of the worst kind, who poses as a gold lover, and over the past several decades, he and his buddy, Gartman, have been perfect contrary indicators in all pumps of gold or silver stocks. His hate for gold is not without reason, since it truly is a useless metal, but his attempts to suggest he is a gold "bull" are laughable.

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