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  • biotechap biotechap Dec 3, 2012 4:36 PM Flag




    What will it take to open investors’ eyes to the true meaning of ‘sales’ of 100,000 and above GLD shares?

    Let’s put it in the most unambiguous terms, let’s tell it like it is: buyers of GLD paper gold shares are being treated as MUGS by the Bullion Banks and very-wealthy who control that scam. Buyers of GLD shares are feeding those who have so artfully led them to believe that they are investing in a convenient, fully-Gold backed, redeemable-for-Gold-bullion at any time investment tool. BUT, THE TRUTH IS: YOU ARE NOT!

    That privilege is not for you, those benefits exist only for those who have a minimum of 100,000 shares (a Basket) and who can persuade one of the Trusts’ ‘Authorized Participants’ (you’ll never guess who the Authorized Participants are… the Bullion Banks!) to REDEEM that Basket of 100,000 GLD shares for Physical Gold from the GLD’s vaults. If you don’t have the money (currently $17million-ish) to purchase those 100,000 GLD shares, then none of the GLD-vaulted-Gold can ever be yours. And 100,000 GLD shares is the MINIMUM requirement to access the Trust’s Physical Gold. Does Joe Public GLD shareholder know that?

    Now let me be absolutely clear. My firm conviction is that those who perpetrate this deception rely on a sophisticated web of misrepresentation in order to mislead the public. One of the mechanisms employed to carry out this duping is the tried and tested manipulation of media coverage in order to create a firmly embedded paradigm in investors’ heads. Thus any notable GLD shares activity is always represented in deliberately misleading terms: redemptions of GLD shares by the likes of Soros and Paulson are always described as ‘dumping gold’. Nothing could be further from the truth, for they are the very opposite! They are the exchange of paper gold GLD shares for Physical Gold, straight out of the GLD vault and into the safety of their personal vaults. Rather than those GLD shares ‘sales’ being bearish, the truth is they could not be more bullish. For, perhaps most importantly of all, they indicate that the wealthy are getting twitchy about the ever-more-rapidly-depleting amount of GLD-vaulted Gold bullion available for redemption.

    When two of the largest GLD shareholders, who undoubtedly have access to ‘helpful’ information about the number of claims on unallocated and allocated Gold bullion in the GLD vault, start ‘selling’/exchanging their GLD paper shares for Physical Bullion, it is because they know fully well that this particular Physical Gold well is running dangerously dry. When Soros and Paulson feel the need to start taking possession of that Gold, it indicates that the Physical Gold bank run endgame is ever closer. They know the vault is emptying, and they want their hands on some of that Gold bullion whilst there is still some available. After all, the very purpose of the GLD paper gold scam is that the wealthy with 100,000 shares worth $17million-ish get the Gold bullion, whilst anyone with fewer shares gets left holding paper. For fear not, the wealthy will get the Gold bullion, they will, as ever, not be left holding burning paper.

    That outcome is reserved for those holding anything less than 100,000 shares.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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