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  • charlie1840088 charlie1840088 Mar 8, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    The whole world is printing money

    Gold prices eventually respond to the printing of paper money or paper options - this is a world wide thing ! The more you print the more dilution of value takes place . If the US gets its act together and everyone else doesn't - gold still goes higher ! --- Now when we talk about Greese - all they have to do is back their money with gold and not use the fiat Euro and suddenly their money will be preferred over all and prosperity will insue (Greese has a lot of gold) - As things stand today ALL MONEY has no underlying value - it's just paper

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    • Is this what some guys are calling the race to the bottom? Perhaps the Queen is saying oh goody more pictures of me for the people to have. My theory is this is the reason royals dont carry money in thier pocket its too vain or gauche. Oh thats a very nice gold crown, how many pictures of me would you lke for it. Not enough pics of me, well we will just print more.

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      • In many countries of the world people love their monarchs and even presidents as evidenced by them trying to obtain as many pictures of them on pieces of paper or coins. In Canada people love to collect pictures of the monarch on coins and i think now on plastic bills as well. Think the paper bills are being phased out. too bad about the "copper" penny, apparently the penny was worth more as scrap when it was real copper. Having said that it is true that we love the royals. When i rule the world my pic is going to be on the nickel sure to outlast the penny.

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