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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 13, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

    Old Baldie, aka, Cramer verifies he is a LYING SHILL for slimy call WRITING fundsters/banksters


    Ladies, as I've tried many many many times to teach you, ALL of Old Baldies PHONY pumps of golds and silvers over the past several DECADES have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been LIES, since he is a renowned WHOORE SHILL for heavily gold short Goldman and the The Boys on wall street. Every SMART market vet and pro like me knows it, even if the AMATEUR DUPES have not got a clue.

    After pumping golds for months last year, along with his many rear end kissing interviews of gold miner CEO's who are in bed with Goldman, working against their own companies and shareholders, a caller to his show asked him on Friday how he felt about golds. He told them that "he wouldn't touch them today."


    Case closed, ladies, I WIN again, and YOU LOSE!!!!

    Ladies, welcome to the gold and silver CRASH I warned you about many many many moons ago, and pity the POOR AMATEUR SUCKERS who do not have major short and in the money PUT protection against all these sick golds and silvers. Ladies, now do you understand why SMARTER market vets and pros have been WRITING most of these WORTHLESS gold and silver calls, even on a NAKED basis??? Answer: when you know that Goldman and their buddies, who control the market and regulators, intend to CRASH these rotten golds and silvers, as clearly declared by Goldman last week, then you can mortgage the house placing WRITING naked calls against these DYING golds and silvers, and do so WITHOUT one speck of fear, knowing the GREATEST $$$ SCORE ever is coming.


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