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  • floridadave2001 floridadave2001 Apr 14, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Why gold is dropping and US equities are going up, it's the Japanese

    Before Abe started devaluing the yen their banks who I believe are in big trouble were tipped off before hand and they loaded up on paper commodities especially gold and silver at Y80 and now after Bernanke warned them to stop the currency war those same banks are liquidating their long positions at Y98+. If you look the yen is dropping again at the same time gold and silver have been selling off which indicaters the easy money is coming to a end and they are taking profit. Once they sell the commodities they are using the proceeds to buy US equities which I believe is why Bernanke made the warning. He is afraid all this money coming in from Japan will create a even bigger asset bubble. I guess this is what happens in a currency war. If I'm right all this money being taken from gold and silver tonight will go into the US equities markets in the AM and it should see another huge up day.

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    • It is foolish to ask othe countries to stop printing..Japan has been deflating for the past 30 years and they want to inflate.
      Bernake is trying to inflate the US by printing money. It is not his sole previlege. Any country having money printing machine can do that.
      Wait till UK and Eurozone start craking their money machines, and the the Chinese.
      Full fun ahead.

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