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  • stallmartr555 stallmartr555 Apr 15, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    the problem here with gold

    the big problem here with gold is that there is nothing to ensure that gold cannot fall back to $100 an ounce. gold does not pay dividends, so there's no support there. gold is not a corporation with money in the bank, customers and assets, so there's nothing there. gold is not a used currency - every country has its own currency, so there is no support from that. gold is nothing more than a belief system (like other currencies) and there is really nothing tethering that belief system to the everyday. this decline could go on for years.

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    • central banks print money and buy gold and then to cover up the free ride they sell their ill gotten gains on the public market. So a real commodity's value is defined by phoney descriptive paper. Welcome to the price one must pay for allowing a banker (if any one could stop them anyway) and government the power of fiat currency. If we were on the gold standard this could not happen. It would be real.

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