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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 20, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    Old Sleazo, aka Gartman pumps USELESS gold = CRASH GUARANTEED to continue!!


    Ladies, I need to send both Old Baldie (Cramer) and Old Sleazo (Gartman) big gift baskets for all the $$$$ they have made me when I've bet AGAINST every one of their forever PHONY pumps of golds or silvers over the past DECADES. NEVER has a word of honesty come forth from their LYING lips ladies in every one of their DECADES of PHONY gold and silver pumps.

    Ladies, what can you expect from two infamous WHOORE SHILLS for Goldman, and every SMART market vet knows it. That AINT libel, ladies, it is INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT and I have a litany of video clips time stamped to PROVE it.

    How many times did those two sweeeeeet WHOORE SHILLS pump these USELESS golds in advance of Goldman's European WHOORE SHILL (Mario Draghi, head of the European Bank) PRE-announcing gold sales by all variety of European nations, a move contrived to ensure THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE for future sales of such gold and a move contrived to benefit Goldmans mega SHORTS placed against gold, silver, and the EURO itself????



    Ladies, STOP being DUPES for these Goldman scumster PHONY pump shills. Aren't you tired of donating all your $$$$ to these inherited money ivy league she-male PHONIES????

    Close out ALL your WORTHLESS gold and silver call options ASAP for whatever residual value you can grab ...instead, convert your $$$$ into IN THE MONEY PUTS or WRITE out of the money calls (that you can even do on a naked basis!) because THAT is what the SMARTER market vets and pros will be doing into the close of the year.

    Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!!!

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