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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 25, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    CNBCrapola bringing out all the Goldman FELONS, LIARS, and SCUMSTERS this AM!! ROFLMAO


    Ladies, be warned, CNBCrapola began the morning featuring Old Badlie, and now comes Gary Cohn, followed by some other Goldman boob of ZERO integrity.....the greatest collection of LYING DISINFO ARTISTS in the world today.

    I don't know why CNBCrapola doesn't simply rename their rotten PHONY BRAINWASH network....THE GOLDMAN DISINFO CHANNEL for RETARDO small spec LOSERS, DUPES, and SUCKERS.....ROFLMAO ROFLMAO.

    Ladies, I have never in my entire life seen such obvious INSIDER TRADING and FRONT RUNNING as these Goldman SCUMSTERS pulled with their obedient ex-employee Mario Draghi, their WHOORE SHILL posing as the European Bank head, to benefit their MASSIVE SHORTS in gold, silver, and the any other country other than the USA, they would ALL be headed for HARD TIME in PRISON, nothing less!! After all, they placed Martha Stewart in prison for a far far far lesser inside info crime.

    Don't get me wrong, ladies....I am MORE THAN HAPPY to see ALL these USELESS golds and silvers CRASH into the toilet where they belong.....but that said, it angers me to no end when I see these flagrant CROOKS get away with their FELONIES without so much as a slap on the wrist when any other person would be facing prison time....and that is why I am here on these message boards to WARN WARN WARN you that any suggestion they are "long" in WORTHLESS golds, silvers, or rare earths today is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!!!

    Ladies, be WARNED NOT believe a word coming from their LYING lips, in which they recently suggested they "closed" their gold SHORTS
    Do NOT believe for one moment these Goldman sleazesters have closed their SHORTS in gold, silver or the EURO....IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

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