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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 25, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Why gold and silver are GENUINELY THE MOST ROTTEN investments in the world today!


    Ladies, once again, it takes a RISING dow and RISING nasdaq to lift these FATALLY WOUNDED USELESS golds and silvers......and that means that, in RELATIVE terms, the gold and silver SUCKERS are NOT gaining a single penny of REAL net worth today.

    Reason: if the USELESS golds and silvers can only rise when the dow or nasdaq rise, ergo, that means YOU, the goldbug and silverbug nutjobs, are STANDING STILL in net worth terms compared to your neighbor who owns safer and superior dow/nasdaq stocks. You are NOT gaining upon them whatsoever!!!

    Ladies, the ONLY way it would be "logical" to own these lousy golds and silvers is if they still served a "flight to safety" investments. THAT means they would RISE on most days when the dow and nasdaq fall through the floor. BUT ladies, that phenomenon NEVER NEVER NEVER happens anymore, now does it???? Whenever the dow or nasdaq dive today, they almost ALWAYS take the rotten golds and silvers with them, or haven't you ladies figured that out yet????



    Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!!!

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