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  • insect_insight insect_insight Apr 30, 2013 5:27 AM Flag

    Smarter market pros and vets own MOST gold/silver in the money PUTS today.....


    ....while WRITING most of the WORTHLESS gold and silver calls.....and ladies, they've been doing as much for almost TWO ENTIRE YEARS now, so do NOT imagine anything has changed. Naturally, the obvious corollary is that AMATEUR SUCKERS have been purchasing most of those WORTHLESS calls, month after month.

    The glory days of gold and silver are DEAD and BURIED, since they FAILED completely as "flight to safety" during ALL recent financial storms....ALL recent currency turmoil (e.g. EURO)...and during ALL recent international crises (e.g. Cyprus, Korea, etc).....and if you got DUPED into going long, especially via WORTHLESS calls, in these pathetic FAILING golds and silvers, then you best close them out for whatever residual value remains, and load the boat for the next GAP DOWN move, one that will slice away a minimum of 50% of GLD value in one single day of trading, coming at any moment.

    Ladies, that AINT theoretical, that is PURE TECHNICAL CERTAINTY, based upon MEGA BEARISH technical indicators that prove ALL golds/silvers are FATALLY WOUNDED, and beyond any kind of repair.

    Ladies, as I've earned the right to state, as those who've read my GENIUS writings for the past TWO YEARS will and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!

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    • Insect GIRL, why is it you hang around on the GLD post? Listen up Girlie, if you don't want to play with gold, don't. What? You've been posting here for two years! GIRL, you need a hobby far away from the investment world. Thanks for sharing that you have a TWO YEAR GLD POSTING "HABIT". Good luck and girl, you must be worn out!
      Take care and audios!

    • The American dollar is a non asset. Allow me to print pig excrement and pig excrement stock will soar. Giving away something for nothing always ends badly so keep stoking an inflated stock market and the mass of dollars produced backed by nothing. Haven't you heard by the last earnings reports top line growth is non existent? Ben is happy the air heads are following his analysis, only way out to avoid a depression but reality will rear it;s happy head. Gold has value backed by it's rarity, especially over a dollar that is, as stated, pig excrement.

    • Right wake up! Gold and silver are Dead with a 50% minimum down. what planet are you from? gold mines break even at around 1,400 and oz so after they slow down gold will start to go back up. Its due for a correction but in the long run it will continue to go up it may just take a year or two.

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