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  • ihateuserids2003 ihateuserids2003 Sep 21, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

    yep two days after a fed meeting

    that actually has the real policies and decisions made the they send out one of their stool pidgeons in Bullard to start the easing rumours again .......what a bunch of #$%$ ..........anything to keep gold down and the dollar up .........ok and good body GSACHS , got into the fray today downgrading precious metals , after what happened at the real fed meeting , gold should of been raised , how long can these guys keep playing these games , i can guess until they actually do ease in 2016

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    • "There is no way out for the Fed once it started the process of printing," Kass told clients. "Getting in was easy. Getting out—not so much. The Fed is trapped and can't end tapering or else the bond and stock markets will bl*^^& up. The longer this continues the bigger the inevitable burst."

    • Look at the root issue: There is an understanding to keep gold prices in check so that the East can buy up all the physical at these repressed prices otherwise the East will pull the plug on the dollar(sell tbills - check out June outflows - this caused the 10yr to rise to 2.8%) - the 10 year could go to 3.2 to 3.4% and completely wreck the party. Need to see the big picture.

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