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  • vaiien2 vaiien2 Oct 18, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    Debt Ceiling

    It would seem to make more sense to deal with the problem now than in the future. Though as usual the problem has been pushed down the road. What happens when the next 90 days are over? Is anyone else paying attention? Do they think they are all Roman Emperors in Washington?

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    • They'll kick the can down the street a few more months, because the Republicans will want cuts to entitlement programs, and again try to defund Obamacare, and Obama and the Democrats will say no to both. Negotiations will stagnate. And before we know it we'll be on the brink of a shutdown again.
      The only way the can kicking will stop is if Democrats take back the House next year, or the Republicans can take back the White House in 2016. Neither outcome is likely because the Republicans have gerrymandered the #$%$ out of the Congressional Districts to protect their hold on the House, and they've damaged they're brand so severely in the Nation at large that their next Presidential candidate will not be able to win a majority of Electoral votes.

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