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  • steind76 steind76 Jan 27, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    Cnbc trying to scare and hoodwink small investors out of Dow and Nasdaq superbull stocks lol


    Fact: in percentage terms, the Dow is down less than ONE percent, and the Nasdaq is down only slightly more than ONE percent. lol

    so only the girly boys of the world are the least bit nervous of this hoodwink dip, contrived by the Dow and Nasdaq put writers in the wall street club---and those same girly boys are making the huge mistake of purchasing tons of soon to be worthless puts against the superbull Dow and Nasdaq lol

    meanwhile every expert is reloading the boat with Dow and Nasdaq long shares and in the money call options, for the next sharp rise, ready to resume at any moment lol

    as every expert knows, in a bull market, such as exists in the Dow and Nasdaq, every dip is typically erased in a heartbeat, and that is why all experts are NOT the least bit worried or concerned about this relatively puny dip in both the Dow and Nasdaq, NOT whatsoever lol

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