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  • geist.gunter geist.gunter Apr 21, 2014 12:29 PM Flag

    GLD = $10 stock masquerading as 120 buck stock = PANIC SELL inevitable!


    This GLD mega bubble joke remains THE most obscene bubble in the entire stock market and its inevitable crash is only a matter of "when," NOT "if." and no doubt it will lead its entire rotten worthless sector into the toilet where ALL useless golds and silvers belong.

    I say it's REAL value is $10, and that is being generous, when you recognize that ALL golds/silvers FAILED completely as flight to safety assets during all recent financial storms...all recent international political crises....all recent currency turmoil....and all recent wars. That makes ALL golds and silvers effectively worthless, especially given that the younger generations do NOT value gold or silver as jewelry today, they consider both metals to be the adornment choice of old senile grandmas and grandpas, all of whom look ridiculous today in their bad gold and silver choices.

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