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  • optionstrader4u optionstrader4u Aug 8, 2014 8:03 PM Flag

    Does anyone feel really uneasy about everything that is going on?

    This BRICK's nation thing is making me very uneasy. Very little talk about what is going on but you know something is. I feel as though one day we will wake up and things will be very different. The Chinese and the Russians do not like us and have grown even more angry at us the last 6 or so years for all the wars and mis management of our finances. You got to believe they are trying to start a war to keep this BRICK's thing from happening because if it does it is over for us. Does anyone else feel the desperation from the U.S. ? I certainly do...

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    • All you can really do my friend is live your life, take care of your family the best way that you can and be awake, which you apparently are. The US is morally and financially bankrupt. It appears they will have to start a major war to distract to public and blame others for our disasterous economic situation. They will use Iraq as the back door into Syria, and then the WAR is on. Ambassador Stephens in Libya probably died because he knew that the weapons the US was sending into Syria to the FREEDOM FIGHTERS would eventually end up in the wrong hands. The media has been strongly suggesting that most of the weapons ISIS has acquired came from the fleeing Iraqi army. How do they know that? I don't believe it. The Russians and the Chinese have probably had enough of the Bankrupt States of America. Just live your life. There is nothing you or I can do about it but know the truth. Knowledge is KING!!!

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      • Well, I don't expect ww3 since every major powers have enough nuclear bombs to wipe out whole TWICE! So WW3 is not option! If I am wrong... Well I can't image how horrible situation we head to...

      • Yes ww3 is in the making and it has been foretold!
        Chestterrorist is 100% right all we can do is sit back and watch it all unfold as it has no choice!
        China warned us years ago to get our house in order!
        Russia has been complaining about all our atrocities and we didn't heed their warnings either!
        Now the world has a new bank and our reserve currency is at stake but I say let it go take our lumps and learn from it!
        We are bk and it is what it is!
        May God have mercy on us!

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