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  • derwood_kohfer derwood_kohfer Sep 17, 2002 10:48 PM Flag

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    This was CBS Evening News. Their pieces are tailored to the general public with broadly drawn generalizations and conclusions meant for maximum sensational impact. Got to keep those eyeballs. Add in Dan rather's populist tilt and you get this shocking revelation of a "sham" pulled over on the entire State based on a document which they will never have to produce since it is sealed. Did I mention Sensationalism? I wonder why this was fed to the Evening news and not CBS.Marketwatch.

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    • Yes. And by my observation of Wall Street, it's just this sort of thing that makes for the best buying opportunities. Retail gets hammered all the time, while institutions have both the buying power to move markets and capitalize on intellectual abilities to sort this kind of thing out. So again, by my obsevation of the market, it's recognizing this type of abyssmal enigma where we'll be during the next few days and it's this sort of time where retail bails when it's actually the BEST time to be buying.

      So my take is most folks are gonna get spooked and hide in the comfort of their fetal positions. I mean, I really do think people get panicked by this sort of thing because of the: "appearance." But I don't think that in the last analysis it amounts to a hill of beans insofar as the WMB situation exists. Meaning, it's like you say, sensationalism. But there's not a scintilla of NEWS that's in there, period, for WMB to drop from where it is now. LOL, already paid for this several times I think... But I am somewhat new to the stock and don't have years of experience with it.

      Helluvan opportunity for those not risk averse"-)...

      Go WMB!!!

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