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  • octopus1_2000 octopus1_2000 Jun 17, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    SkiManiac101, If There Were No George W. Bush, There Would Be No Obama! Bush's Huge Failures Opened the Door for Obama.

    The American people were so frustrated with Bush's incompetence, lies, arrogance and destruction of our treasury, privacy, and bright future that they were desperate to elect any non-republican.

    Don't be surprised if Hillary Clinton is elected. The stench of George W. Bush is still very strong and memories of the American people are still full of the horrible unemployment both Bush's left, the trillions in bailouts for banks too big to fail, two big debt laden, fruitless unnecessary wars, the Patriot Act that invades the privacy of all Americans and is being broadened under Obama within the NSA.

    Yes, SkiManiac101. If George W. Bush had not been the most incompetent, idiotic, and arrogant President we've ever had in America, Barack Hussein Obama would be a little known politician in Chicago.

    Mrs. Babrara Bush is correct when asked if Jeb Bush should run in 2016. She stated, "No, we've had enough Bush's in the White House".

    George H.W. Bush wounded America. George W. Bush crippled America. The next Bush would likely finsih America off and destroy it.

    That's the fear middle aged Americans had and have regarding Republican Presidents now.

    Hispanics and Blacks will be the majority in 2043. Kindergarten students entering school in the fall will be 50% non-white for the first time in American history. In 18 years they will be eligible to vote. Also, for the first tine in American history, in 2013 white deaths exceeded live births. Wow!

    Instead of being so blatantly on the attack of Obama and Democrats,, you should be aggressively trying to fix the problems moronic Republicans have gotten the country and party entangled within. They're the reason Democrats and Liberals are growing stronger.

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    • What?! Some one made a reasonable and coherent opinion on the WMB chat board? Octopus1, do you realize this is a rotten den of conservative red hot dim wits? Otherwise known as the "base" of the GOP? Notice how ski never really addresses your point? You're correct. Obama never would have come about if Bush hadn't been there first to turn voters away from Repugnicans. And since then, they have only offered up worse in McCain/Palin(LOL!) and Rmoney/Ryan. My hope is they nominate Rand Paul or Ted Cruz next. I bet Ski would like either one of them and the rest of the country can have a good laugh while the GOP descends into obscurity. And like you said Octopus1, that only makes the liberals and DNC stronger. It is so obvious, yet they seem to not figure it out. I love it. The gift that keeps on giving!

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      • Bushloather1, exactly correct. Skimaniac101 still can't understand that no matter how lousy Barack Obama may be, he would never be in office today if George W. Bush wasn't the worst President in the history of the United States.

        Hillary looks like she will run and if she wins, Skimaniac101 will fall into a life of prostitution and alcoholism due to utter disbelief and depression. His world is collapsing and he just can't admit that the Bush's accelerated the decline of #$%$, anti-diversity, majority white male America that has rejected anyone different than themselves.

    • Been drinking a little to much of that Obama Kool Aide, haven't you?
      Here's Facts, since Obama took office there are 10 million less employed people, then the day he swore in. There are now currently 49 million on food stamps, up from 27 million when he took office. He has the worst economic record, since the great depression, also caused by a progressives in both parties. The left wing media raves about 175 thousand jobs being created each month, but that won't even keep up with the natural growth of the new employees, much less get those ten million out work employees back working! The National debt is 17 trillion and rising, up 7 trillion, since he took office, and that one was a campaign promise to cut it in half! His health care bill that was only supposed to cost 900 billion, now stands at 2.7 trillion, and is causing health care insurance costs to go up anywhere from 60 percent to 164 percent, and he told us that they would go down 2500 dollars per family. He said that there would be no death panels, but his health care #$%$, just made the comment "that some people live, some people die," referring to a ten year old girl needing a lung transplant, that is going to live because a judge stepped in, and stopped a stupid bureaucrat from ending her life. There will be more of that to come, especially with the IRS in charge of your healthcare! Your just lucky that a couple of real men defied orders in Benghazi, and went a save the diplomats there, because if they hadn't instead of four dead, there would have been 40 dead. By the way, who gave the stand down order? Your guy won't even sign off on the Keystone pipeline, that would have 120 thousand people back to work! Would you like me to go on? Because, I deal it facts, not stupid liberal propaganda! I know its Bush's fault, five years later! In ten years, you liberals will still be blaming Bush!

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