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  • Joey_Triomphe Joey_Triomphe May 9, 2005 3:42 PM Flag

    ATI's R520 delayed until autumn

    To add, we've seen speculation that ATI will release AMR and R520 fairly close to each other prior to this recent Inquirer article. But when you think of it, is it really necessary for ATI to do that? Frankly they'd only be pushing their technological lead that much farther.

    There's also been speculation that 1-ONE next gen. R520 card could potentially beat 2-TWO of NVDA's finest cards in tendem. That is even before AMR / MVP.

    Maybe that is BS. BUT maybe it is not. But you tell me who should have the fear of god in their eyes potentially looking down that gun barrel?

    This is where differing minds / leadership may have different 'strategies' that can span a spectrum from playing possum to trying to 'smash your enemy' at any opportunity. Each approach has its own potential risks and rewards.

    ATI, delaying release frankly is the more conservative approach.

    If the scenario above is closer to reality then it is clearly ATI who stands to be in the driver's seat. In this scenario, for NVDA to 'gain control' would IMO require that ATI seriously f up R520 and/or G70 be something spectacular. When you think that XBOX seems ready to go and the lack of any other info. it would appear that this is not the case.

    Frankly, only the valuation of ATYT is the most concerning and may be saying something else although it has pretty much moved with the Nasdaq.