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  • geekcomputing geekcomputing Jun 23, 2005 9:00 PM Flag

    W T F is Orton up to?


    first off i can look at nvidia gross margins, market share, workstation market share 80%,

    and its product line up like SLI and the new 7800 .

    on top of this if you look at total insider ownner ship.

    ati has a mere 2% owned by insiders.

    Nvidia has 8%

    2% ownership and NO insider buying on a company whos stock price has just got Smacked down this hard. come on!, if the insiders though this was a great deal they would be buying.

    (maybe they are and we just wont know it for a week or 2)

    nvidia on the other hand is getting a bit pricey and rightfully so.

    Look at all the above reasons i listed and then look at future PE and growth rates on nvidia.

    look at a peg ratio on nvidia. Now try ati.

    yup.. its interesting all right.