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  • jakemessageboard jakemessageboard Jul 26, 2005 1:48 PM Flag

    Alarming Atyt info, not sure if real

    Anyone hear anything about this:

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    • "Are we still talking about failing to deliver or are you admitting you were full of crap when you made your claims."

      Nice logic... can't argue you there! So you are saying not to differentiate low end, mid-range and high end chips but to only talk in generic terms? So you are satisfied with ATI's sales and the availability of the high end R4xx and R5xx products on the market? I think I clearly stated the ATI/Orton has sucked wind in this respect.

      Go see your broker or buy the Mercury report yourself... then we can talk about real numbers. I am not breaking any rules/laws to deliver you Mercury numbers.

    • I'm not changing the subject... I originally called Orton out for repeatedly lying since he became CEO over chip yields and touting product launches that never came to be. That is not "hindsight" on his part, or is it?

      Is it any worse to preannounce twice on the downside and then report even lower numbers or is it worse to just report bad numbers... I don't think I could win in either situation as an investor. For both ATI and nVidia, they need to really kill or blow a quarter to be able to preannounce... some of thier board partners do not get quarter end data to them until 30 days after quarter closing. In some cases, orders expected for the quarter are not canceled until the last day of the quarter... neither company can predict thier partners behaviors. One would hope that those partners that engage in these behaviors, would be relagated to second tier-dom!

    • "You using Orton as your source??"

      No. Its pretty obvious there haven't been supply issues with ether of theseonce they ramped up.

      "R520 yields is not an issue to him either!"

      r520 isn't a delivered product yet - proclaiming that there are availability issues when they haven't even announced a product is jumping the gun. Yes, there are specific issues with r520's development, but you'll have to wait until products are actually announced and delivered to see if there availability issues.

    • First you say ATI failed to deliver products, then you are confronted with the fact the ATI out sold Nvidia and then you change the subject to "yeah, well where has that left ATI?"

      Are we still talking about failing to deliver or are you admitting you were full of crap when you made your claims.

      Why don't you share the Mercury report nvidia put on your desk last week and then we can discuss it. Just the numbers please no spin.

    • I'm calling you out for being a hypocrite because you freely slander anyone not associated with nV liars and crooks.

      Hindsight is 20/20. At the time, you had no idea how long it would take to turn things around so lets not change the subject. Have you also convinced yourself that its OK to preannounce earnings upsides but not necessary for downsides?

    • And where has that left ATI financially?? As an investor, I will take improving margins, penetration into the mid and high range and earnings when the company I invest in reports. Do you have a different strategy?

      Did you actually read the whole Mercury report instead of just the Inquirer article? If you want to be serious about a Mercury report discussion, you need to take a look at the full report... then we can talk.

    • You using Orton as your source?? R520 yields is not an issue to him either! NV38 yields were not the same issue as the NV30 either... doen't mean much when you miss supply to customers from the start of a next generation card.

      Even if availibility is not an issue... no one is buying the x850 dual slot cards and the x800XL cards are killing ATI's margins along with the volumes of X300 and X600 cards they are dumping on OEMs.

    • ATI has gained marketshare in discrete, while nvidia has dropped 2%. You call that failing to deliver? Your nvidia glasses has got some gunck on it.

    • "With nVidia, at least it was one generation where they slipped... with ATI, it looks like Orton will now fail to deliver TWO generations with sufficient volume... and I am just talking about the high end cards."

      availability of x850 and x800 (r430) is not an issue.

    • 40% would not be acceptable... these numbers had to be from before the last go around on R520. There is no way Orton could say with a straight face they had acceptable yields on the final round with 40%... unless he is an even bigger liar than I suspect!?!?

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