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  • ballfourwalkon ballfourwalkon Mar 3, 2008 10:16 AM Flag

    Mr. Goerner is going to call for a speech to his new employees

    all 4 of them. He is going to report on where PTSC has been, where they are going (I think a surprise field trip by bus to "Cowboy Junction" in the mountains east of San Diego is going to be there first one)and what his underlying principals are for growing a company from 4 employees to hundreds with revenues exceeding $500M.

    Gimme a break. This thing is dead - has been since the settlement in Texas that was gagged - because the settlement sucks and PTSC did not want anyone to know how bad it sucked.

    I would bet bottonm dollar the latest Agreements are gimmes - in the $250,000 to $5000,000 range. True nuisance payments.

    Anyone hanging on to this because they think PTSC will grow a real business for where they are now is smokin crack.

    I owned a boatlkoad of shares and dumped them all over two weeks after teh Texas settlement announcement. Maybe I am wrong about PTSC.

    But I believe I am right and anyone hoping for more is playing fool's gold.

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    • Are there any royalties on products sold going forward??...or is it just one time payments from each company??

      I've been following deal after deal with no price appreciation??....what gives??

    • I fail to understand why people dump a stock but keep revisiting the board even after they have no stake in the Co. long or short. Is it sellers remorse? I am not sure but this insistance of where the Co. is headed after someone dumps the stock is unbelievable. Since one can never pick an absolute bottom and/or absolute peak - the best course of action is to dump lots of shares on the way up and dump them before they full potential is baked in and once you sell do not look back - most losers sell and then reinvest all their gains in the stock and get very bitter because they now have a loss and had to shell out taxes out of pocket - is that the case with you?

      I dont know what is going to happen and it does seem very strange that both Turley and Pohl quit in a short time just before the 10K filing. Pohl has a large stake in PTSC so I can kind of understand he wants to cash out if and when there is a runup - I cannot understand Turley unless he was actually fired. Another reason is they all scammed the shareholders and did off the book settlements with the J3 and wanted to quit before there are any shareholder lawsuits - which will still not prevent them from lawsuits if there is any wrong doing. Also the rush of signings is probably a cause for concern because they sound great but the deals may be being done on very small amounts just to create a fake sense of success before the stock blows up in everyone's faces.

      Either ways, we will soon see.

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      • I revisit because I am still pissed off at these clowns for not taking this thing to court and settling.

        They blew it - and the gag on the settlement proves it.

        There are no royalties, no possible strength in their negotiating position. Why? Because they are obviously more interested in quick than right.

        Why quick? The possibility the patents might be taken down in review in whatever that patent review was a while back.

        This thing blew it.

    • I agree that this company is slowly bleeding itself to death. I am waiting for the quarterly and hope it brings the price up enough for me to break even. Then, unless some significant change in direction is made, I am out.

    • they have 19 employees.

      your opinions are garbage if you can't even get that right.

      welcome to the ignore list.

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