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  • whatptscwontputinapr whatptscwontputinapr Mar 20, 2012 1:17 PM Flag


    creates a weakening stock price and chokes many investors out of their shares. It's been happening for the past 3 weeks.

    Some of you lying pimping promoters raised the expectations bar so high that even a flat period has the effect of a down move to this stock.

    *Hey PCreacy .. only 10 more days to hit your pumping $2.50/share. You Clown, you Crook, you've been pimping for years on all the Message Boards.

    Welcome to the same technique used on PTSC over and over again. Whenever shares are available a drop is setting up. With the Markman on the near horizon, something about this price action just doesn't feel right.

    After a mini promotion run, when shares are stable and available, the aftermath promoting and price sucks in the last of the funds of buyers. Like a frog in the pot of slowly boiling water, the price undergoes slow but steady erosion, and the stock usually sets itself up for a significant drop. The next thing you know, that frog is cooked.

    You would think that volume would be much higher, much MUCH higher if there was confidence about a genuinely successful Markman for PTSC. Unless and until we see large volume moves to the upside by players who got the inside tip one way or another, at whatever price that upside move begins, I'm skepical about a definitive victory.

    My guess is that the next volume surge will be to the downside; regardless.

    Yes, I'm long PTSC

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    • You sure as hell don't sound like a long. Your post has the distinct odor of one of those so called "investors" who sold in the last one day drop and is now desperately trying to get back in before the Markman ruling . Sorry bud. Three things are now abundantly clear. 1. You want to buy at a price below the offering price. 2. Your post smells of desperation. 3. It is obvious that the Markman ruling will go in PTSC's favor!!! Buy now or be left out!!!

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