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  • jackjumper234323 jackjumper234323 Jun 4, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    IF PTSC/TPL actually has a case they would have taken it to trial in 2006 in

    the Eastern District of Texas BUT they did not and settled for PEANUTS. The reason why was the losing Markman claims construction ruling they got...which is the same one they got at the ITC this year. The case is a loser. Don't hold this stock so the lawyers and PTSC management and board can soak you for more money. Sell now while you can still get 10 pennies a share. The stock is actually WORTHLESS. The people posting on this board are stuck in the stock and simply trying to unload their inventory of shares.

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    • Why did they do this? Because they knew they would LOSE! The tech companies will no longer pay the patent trolls and Obama will not let you win even if you had a case! Its a lose/ lose my friends!

    • They been TROLLING for nuisance value settlements! The fact that this case was NOT taken to trial in 2006 means that TPL/PTSC did not think that had a good chance of winning. They did however want to keep the lawyers and management in the money with nuisance value settlements. Solution: they chickened out of the trial! Now they are boxed in the final stages of a trial because nobody will pay even their nuisance value settlements! Get out of this now before it collapses!

    • P A T E N T T R O L L Look it up!

    • Typical patent troll behavior! Look up the definition!

    • Bring up you favorite search engine folks and look up "patent troll" and you will see the definition of one fits PTSC to a T. Typical patent troll behavior is to avoid a trial that might very well cause them to lose and therefore lose the ability to collect nuisance value settlements. The only reason they are in this situation about to lose is tech companies are refusing to pay the trolls and Obama and the legislature is preparing to stamp them out for good!

    • answer: PATENT TROLL! Classic duck and run to preserve the ability to collect nuisance value settlements. The PTSC/TPL patents are junk valuable only to the lawyers and management.

    • No final adjudication in 2006 when they had the chance....WHY! Because they are PATENT TROLLS!

    • That chicken out in 2006 was a major sign of weakness. PATENT TROLL! Look it up!

    • m2shomaker thought he could run a little pump a dump scheme by posting his positive but completely unsupported posts on this message board and he could manipulate the share price to do a little trading. He actually thinks people will buy the stock just because some dichead on an anonymous message board says so! ROFLMAO!

    • have a few short weeks to sell before this disaster comes down on you heads. The writing was on the wall LONG ago with the bad 2006 Texas district court Markman ruling...a very similar ruling to the one you got recently at the ITC. The fact is the PTSC/TPL entity has been operating in a classic "patent troll" fashion. Look it up. The patent troll avoids final judgements as TPL/PTSC has been doing since 2006 because a lsss means the inability to extract "nuisance value" settlements. Basically these patent trolls get companies to pay small settlements that would cost about the amount they would have to spend on lawyers to defend themselves. That is what most settlements here have been in the $1 million dollar range. Enough to make the lawyers and company management money...but not you. Please my friends, I implore you, get out of this mess ASAP because the end is near.

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