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  • jackjumper234323 jackjumper234323 Aug 4, 2013 12:26 AM Flag

    Obama will CLEARLY veto any PTSC ITC win just as he did on 8/3 with

    the Samsung ITC win over Apple. Even if u lozers win, which you clearly won't, it is over anyway. Obama is a corporatist and a collectivist who does not believe in individual rights ESPECIALLY intellectual property rights. If u dummies had a clue about the political environment you are in you would sell on that fact alone. Obama very vocally HATES patent trolls and the judges who decide these cases have just been sent a message that if they want the president to appoint them to a higher judgeship they better rule again the patent trolls. The ITC judges are now simply looking to rule against TPL/PTSC for any reason however flimsy it may be. Not only do you have the facts of the case against you but you also have the politics against you. Please my friends I am trying to help you out with my knowledge of politics and electrical engineering. Sell your shares on Monday as soon as you can this stock is about to become almost worthless.

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    • Obama will NOT LET patent trolls like PTSC WHO PRODUCE NOTHING AND BENEFIT NOBODY BUT THEMSELVES hurt the economy. HE HAS MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE WILL NOT WAIT FOR CONGRESS TO LEGISLATE WHEN HE HAS EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY to SQUASH them which he does with an ITC veto (and he has used one already!). This bug PTSC will be squashed. You can take that to the bank. Give it up peeps I implore u. Jus try'in 2 help y'all. Please help yourselves and sell ASAP!

    • PTSC better hope they never make it to a jury because juries know what to do when it comes to patent trolls like PTSC. Companies that make products will not be held hostage to companies that make nothing like PTSC/TPL! Companies like Samsung and HTC are finally standing up for themselves and refusing to pay! Obama has said he will not wait for congress to act when important matters need to be resolved and I believe he will use his executive power to spank patent trolls like PTSC/TPL! Sell now peeps the political climate is clearly against you!

    • Juries have been conditioned to reject patent trolls and that will happen in this case even if it makes it past the ITC and the NDOC Motions for Summary Judgement of NON- INFRINGEMENT that is pending! Sell now folks and get out ahead of this mess!

    • Obama has set the tone and juries know patent trolls like PTSC are a net drag on the economy. Its over folks!

    • its over lozers!

    • Obama will stop this rotten patent troll PTSC! Three cheers for business that actually produce products!

    • Obama has publicly stated he hates patent trolls and will use the executive office powers to thwart them at every turn. Guess who he is talking about! PTSC!

    • Unless you head is in the sand you will realize Obama has clearly taken a stand against the patent trolls like PTSC that MAKE NOTHING! He will NEVER let an ITC win stand. Its lose/lose for you my friends. Sell now and please help yourselves!

    • U dummies are ignorant of politics. Obama is VERY VOCALLY against those entities like TPL/PTSC that are going to take money from those established HUGE tech companies who contribute to the tax base he requires to buy the votes he needs and who contribute MILLIONS to support democrats reelection campaigns (see Google, Facebook and Apple- the reason is Obama is a collectivist and does not care about individual property rights). Obama has publicly come out against PATENT TROLL entities like PTSC/TPL and any judge like the ones deciding this case know they will never advance in their careers unless they rule against TPL/ PTSC -THEY KNOW IT. The ITC judge Gildea and the NDOC judge Grewal are young men and they will not rule against the wishes of the progressives who are clearly going to be in control of US politics for the next 50-100 years. Immigration "reform" will assure Democrats of political control for the next century with 10s of millions of illiterate migrants who will need and demand LOTS of government assistance in return for electoral support. You are fighting a losing battle EVEN IF YOU ARE TECHNICALLY RIGHT. Know when you are beat. Sorry folks even if you are in the winning corner does not mean you will win. This is a lost cause. Sell now an spare yourselves the financial loss. You have a chance to slowly sell over the next 2-3 weeks and minimize your loss. I think you can salvage 8-10 pennies a share. Please do this now!

    • Its lose/lose folks. Get ahead of this and sell ASAP!

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