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  • reichardschwartz reichardschwartz Jan 18, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    What Is Happening

    Some people bought when the shares traded at forty-five cents, a number of whom sold the shares and a number held the shares. That was a year and a half ago. Sellers were scared the company was a fake, or they were too lazy to be patient, because they were most certainly too lazy to have conducted any research.

    Fast forward to now, including last fall and this January, especially this January.

    What's happening now and what I portend happening for the near term, including the entirety of 2013, excluding extreme daily rises or falls due to company results or stock and bond market calamities, is that the older guys with some extra, albeit relatively small individual amounts cash to spend, and who like to trade every now and then away from they're retirements and commendingly respectful familial obligations, are going to buy shares in Recon. One guy will drop a grand or three grand or ten grand, because, well, he can afford it, and the risk is relatively low. I mean, RCON is trading at a considerable discount. The discounted price may continue if revenues continue to grow. So if the company is worth 25million today based on assets including contracts and subsidies, and contracts and subsidies increase as the Chinese improve the PRC's mainland output, and RCON's management does not become too intoxicated by RCON's and the industry's growth, then RCON's share price will rise respectively. So, what will happen as a result of the careful boldness of the older guys in the near term is that the $3000 to $10000 purchases will effectively rally the share price. It's just going to happen.

    The stock market is beautiful like that.

    Then, the next phase in the company's life as a public company ensues, and who knows what will happen. You're a fool if you don't buy and hold at today's levels.

    I mean, honestly, all these idiot short-termer kid-speculators on this yahoo forum are so stupid that they will sell you their shares to turn five hundred dollars into a thousand, even though the company's share price is well below net current assets value, to say nothing of book value or any other valuation an investor may have formed.

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