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  • smart_ass_remarks smart_ass_remarks Sep 10, 2010 6:17 PM Flag

    Oh, Please

    PG&E isn't going to be hurt by this at all, insurance will pay for it. All it is is the shorts jumping on the latest bandwagon at the first bit of news and driving the price down. It doesn't have one thing to do with the fundamentals of the company, just fear mongering.

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    • Never mind that a neighborhood is destroyed, several are dead and the event is indicative of the disrepair of utility infrastructure throughout the state. Insurance will cover it! The company is safe!

      So much for the 'take responsibility' and 'accountability' mantra we hear nonstop from the powers that be and market voices.

      Unfortunately, it appears, so far, that you are correct.

    • First, you have no idea what the ultimate impact this event will have on the company.

      Second, nobody else does either.

      Third, the company isn't screaming cheap anyway.

      Which leads to the conclusion, if nobody knows what the ultimate damage will be and the shares aren't cheap right now, why don't you just sell just incase it turns out to be really bad? Why not sell and wait a month to see what actually happens? Its not like you'll be missing out on much upside, and you could save yourself a ton of money if this thing tanks.

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      • I never said a word about NAKED shorting, just shorting. Why do people feel the need to personally attack others on these boards? Bunch of a-holes and bullies, IMO.

        You do not know a thing about me and you ASSUME that I am losing money. Not so, my friend. I bought AFTER it fell 8% so, your advice to get out now while I might have a little profit is totally wrong too.

        Oh, and I bought BP at $27 when people like you were yelling BP is going to go bankrupt!!! As I said, "Oh, Please!!" Tell it to someone who might believe it.

      • What you're really doing is trying to rationalize things because you're scared of losing more money. Which is a perfectly natural reaction, however, it might lead to a significant loss if you stay long. Right now you're only down 8% today, and unless you've bought in the last month you're still up. Why take the risk of a major downside move?

    • Oh please; if it was just short-sellers rather than a lot of longs selling then the stock price wouldn't be where it is now then would it? How come it hasn't gone up higher with this "cheap" price? Maybe people aren't wanting to touch it? Hmmm

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