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  • marketbeater1977 marketbeater1977 Sep 14, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    BSBR's yield is a little over 3%

    This has really been annoying me. CNBC has it at like 7%. Yahoo finance has it at like 0.7%. ADR services didn't know. So i had my broker find out and its a little over 3%. Quite strange because when I bought bsbr back when it was around $12, it had a yieldof 4 or 5%. So the dividend must have been cut substantially...more than I thought. And we are talking about forward annual divy yield here.

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    • I like BSBR long term. Obviously there is a lot of short term uncertainty but in the next 3 yrs I see this easily topping 15. I'm likely going to buy more next week then wait till after the Greek elections to buy more if there is a downward market correction.

    • Ouch ! This guy is having NO luck.

      Just became a buy&hold for BSBR.
      15800 @ 8.00

      good luck :)

      ps Maybe we can revive the board.

    • yea, it was based on a badly written/manipulative report by a british subsidiary of financial times. All it said was some initial bids were between 1-2 billion. It didn't say they were final bids and it didn't say if there were higher bids. I think it was a bear raid. Definitely not a leak, idcc is very good about not leaking.

      I have owned/followed this stock for like 1 year so unless the purchase price of nortel patents was a fluke, idcc is gonna go higher. I added more to my position today and made some quick $ on the snap back. At these prices now, downside is limited. It was at this price before a takeover possibility was even mentioned!!, and the fundies are still strong. JMO

    • Note that marketcap is $2.23 billion. Weird. I would be pretty careful with this one...

      InterDigital Drops Most in Two Years on Report of Buyout Offers
      QBy Lisa Rapaport - Sep 26, 2011 2:57 PM ET .
      Business ExchangeBuzz up!DiggPrint Email ...InterDigital Inc.’s shares fell as much as 24 percent, the most in two years, after DealReporter said the company has taken bids in recent days in the range of $1 billion to $2 billion.

      The stock dropped $9.70, or 17 percent, to $48.11 at 2:55 p.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market, after earlier touching $44.01 for the biggest decline since August 2009.

    • Thanks man,

      Unfortunately this is a rangebound swing traders market right now. I am currently taking a ride on TNA, which has more than made up for my losses in this latest BSBR disaster. I will probably go short sometime later in the week.

      I would stay far away from Brazil for a while. I have laid out the reasons on the PBR board (or you can check my message history).

      No buy and hold for me until Greece defaults and the EU situation resolves (one way or the other).

      Technically, I like the volume spike in IDCC but I'm not seeing any good support until around $41.


    • sold my entire position last week at about %7.60, for a loss of like 35-40%....

      just not a good sector to be in right now, no catalyst.
      too many people in Brazil are over-leveraged and bsbr's parent std, will probably get pounded as the macros get worse which will likely translate to bsbr getting pounded as well.

      Not to mention the brazil central bank's recent move of lowering rates. Inflation is bad for banks which brazil has. Lowering rates doesn't help inflation. It flattens the yield curve which is bad for net interest income. I just see brazil in not as positive light as before, especially their finance sector. And I think there's a lot of better places to put my money, which was a big factor for my selling. Just giving my reasoning for my sale.

      Btw aco, you should look at idcc, thats where I put my bsbr proceeds. i think it has good risk/reward and is a stellar company. Also looking at brazilian sugar producers. Demand is much greater than supply and its not a commodity thats demand/supply fundies can be manipulated like copper.

    • You'll get it... I wouldn't say their loans present any more risk than other Brazilian banks.

      Today's PPS action has been disappointing to say the least. Pretty much everything else I track except this and GFA has recovered strongly. Charts are indicating this could go back up to $10 PPS, though a lot obviously rests on headline risks surrounding Greece and the Wed Fed announcement.

    • I sure was... hopefully i'll get paid.

      but seriously thinkin bout sellin on a run up.
      Even tho its cheaper than the other brazil banks, its more risky with its loans even if it has plenty of liquidity..and the dividend isn't stable enough plus they pay it late and you can's use DRIP.

      it may be a good value but i cant see any catalysts to upside.

    • I think its based on a percentage of earnings - 10 or 20 percent if I remember correctly.

      Also, did you ask your broker if he is including interest on investments? They usually forget.

      Check out STD and BBVA.

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