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  • alphakwest alphakwest Mar 29, 2012 7:01 PM Flag

    AMRN board's resident basher

    If you're new to this board it will be helpful for you to know who the resident basher is. Most stock message boards have one so you may already know the type of person we're dealing with. Their arguments are shallow and redundant. They rarely present compelling evidence that the true investor would consider. They're like a broken record. They're devious liars, saying anything to move the stock a couple cents.
    To be clear, I don't mind critics of AMRN. We have our share of critics stop by from time to time. I like to hear honest arguments to the negative side and will sell if I'm convinced by one. With that said, let me introduce you to our "special" basher...

    We call him Kole...short for his 'Kolemup' alias. I believe he was first attracted to AMRN by the price spike following the successful phase 2 clinical trial. He's one of those shorts who simply looks for price spikes and shorts at will.. absent of any due diligence. When AMRN reported successful phase 3 results the only unfortunate side effect for we longs was that Kole was trapped in a really ugly short position. Rather than take a loss he couldn't afford, he stuck around and started a bashing campaign.
    As part of the bashing campaign he assumes up to 20 aliases listed below. He rarely interacts with other posters...only with himself under his many aliases. He is a hyper poster often posting as many as 50 messages in one day. The fake conversations he creates between aliases are supposed to sway us into thinking there is negative sentiment. He groups the other ID's into a gang he calls "Eurotraders." He uses the aliases to bash in different ways but always to heap praise on the alpha alias Kolemup for his amazing 100% winning record. As a sociopath, this probably seems completely normal to him, but any rational person will see how ridiculous, awkward, and unnatural these posts are. All of the 'successes' the Eurotraders share are after the fact, miraculously buying the highest flying stock of the day, or shorting more at AMRN's high of the day.

    So that's Kole in a nutshell. As he posts throughout the day you'll notice we bump some of his classic posts, and examples where he accidentally forgets to switch ID's. Most of the board regulars have him on ignore. I'm sure many have me on ignore and possibly dislike me and others for bringing attention to the matter. I'm okay with that because I think it's important to warn newbies when someone is posting blatant lies. New investors are bringing money to the table. Kole doesn't want that. I do. I'll stop at that. Here's the ignore list:
    1. aliolao

    2. atbaank

    3. doreedearos

    4. ezedone1

    5. gogspn4evr

    6. i832u

    7. kolemup

    8. maarrb2001

    9. p000prachy

    10. pay4playu2

    11. pyramid2like

    12. pyrozkyusa

    13. rjqiscat

    14. slowitgoes

    15. solo12381

    16. stearup

    17. stillondgo

    18. ustapen

    19. wavernow

    20. zeldoni

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