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  • nynjlot nynjlot May 13, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    Great article from Seeking Alpha

    Well is a very long article written by a very young man. After reading first sentence, I have two questions

    If a person want to use the word " most", dose it mean he should know all the other related stocks? How many bio tech stocks over there and This young man can say AMRN is the most undervalued?

    "Before I dig into the article, I just wanted to express my thanks to the SA community, "

    What is the SA community?

    Not very good start, but lot of information , could be useful for new investor. Imo

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    • ....well researched good first article. A few quick comments.
      *I too am "iffy" on the NCE.
      *Lovaza going generic will have an effect. Some will use it because they cannot afford AMR-101. I agree it will be negligible.
      *Even though a few docs will still prescribe lovaza to those that cannot afford ...MOST will immediately switch to AMR-101. To not do so would be negligent.
      *If successful in gaining approval for marine cohorts the off-label use in those with the lower TG counts will be TREMENDOUS. Side effects for AMR-101 are virtually nil...upset stomach for some.
      *The side effects for statins are a completely different matter and I have seen SUBSTANTIAL anecdotal evidence of this first hand. The ability to lower statin use is a benefit that I feel is glossed over by most analysts. A tremendous benefit vs. lovaza.
      *IMHO almost all analysts are understating the mkt potential for AMR-101. Most patients do not understand that Lovaza raises LDL. Any physician "writing" for Lovaza after and IF AMR-101 is approved could arguably be considered negligent. A good attorney would RUN with the fact that a doc knowingly wrote for a product that knowingly raised LDL. I believe the number of docs that do not prescribe Lovaza for this reason may be understated. The REDUCE-IT study takes it to a completely different level.


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