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  • jesse.livermore jesse.livermore Jun 28, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    Jeff and others...


    In biotechs, the analysts usually know the rules, but they do not know the exceptions..

    The same can be said for a lot of posters on this board who IMHO greatly under value AMRN...

    Ken Fisher who is one of the true gurus of Wall Street. After decades of successful money management in the stock market his major advice for profiting in the market is to find something that most everyone else thinks is true, that you know is false.

    Jeffs evaluation is based on the odds for PTO and FDA approval and what AMRNs future revenue is going to be. While I will not argue with the approval risks, the revenue estimate is way too low..

    How come??...Well Jeff and some members of this board utilise history of other drugs to come up with their estimates which IMHO are not going to hold for AMRN.

    What's missing??..Several factors...First off the size of the potential market is so big, 40Mil patients in the USA alone, that the numbers are hard to grasp especially for a drug just hitting the market..The natural tendency in these situations is to remain extremely conservative, because compared to most new drugs the numbers are unbelievable..

    Second analysts make the mistake of thinking educating doctors and patients to the advantages of this drug is going to be a long and arduous process.. Facts are AMR101 adresses the number one fatal disease in America..As AKANZ about having a potentially fatal disease, and whether he is interested in taking a medicine that could help him?..Particularly if a patient is already on another a statin..Statins they say , " May not make you live longer, but you will feel so bad its going to seem longer"...There are two great things about AMR101 which analysts do not bring is the absence of any serious side eff3ect and the fact that AMR101 is extremely well tolerated..

    The internet is the worlds greatest university..people with CVD will learn about AMR101 on the internet and so will their doctors...They will learn from the articles and from guys like AKANZ...

    IMHO AMR101 will be a sellout from the go..Doctors off labeling it with impunity, because of the absent risks...The limiting factor is only going to be how much they can produce...

    ":>) JL

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