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  • brandonuk03 brandonuk03 Aug 17, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    AMRNs next move should be....

    To starts trials on a pure DHA only product and file for NCE on it. Maybe they'll discover it has lipid lowering properties to it by itself and thus would be novel and qualify for NCE. Then they could come out with a combo EPA/DHA for their 2 products.... hold on, wait a second.... that's Lovaza right?

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    • The point is that you bought into the fear porn post FDA approval, panic sold all your shares taking a loss on Amarin to the tune of a few grand, and you've had a bee in your bonnet about it ever since. You are unable to let it go clinging desperately to any bearish arguments you can find. You are too weak minded and blinkered to be invested in a stock like Amarin.

    • Big_k
      You can call me Akanz or Gary . Kiwi is reserved for friends and I don't think we are there yet.
      Regarding pure I know it's a TG lowering drug. The key is to lower your TG's without raising your LDL cholesterol. That's what Vascepa can do and what makes it so unique.

      Don't get me wrong ...if your PRC- 4016 eventually comes out FDA approved and is better ....I 'll be taking it .

      In the mean time ....I'm at the Hotel Los Gatos tonight ( nth cal USA )....chk it out very swanki place ..... celebrating the fact that Vascepa is likely to extend my life beyond what was expected a year or so ago.

      Time to celebrate my ( maybe one day ) friend.
      The trains about to leave's Vascepa not generic Lovaza .....sorry mate but that's the hard truth ...better get used to it.

      Akanz / Gary

    • "A post-hoc analysis of the COMBOS trial further examined the relationship between baseline LDL-C and response to treatment with Lovaza. Patients were stratified into three groups (tertiles) based on their baseline LDL-C levels.

      The first (lowest) tertile had LDL levels of 31.7-80.3 mg/dL, the second (middle)
      tertile had levels of 82-98.7 mg/dL, and the third (highest) tertile had baseline LDL levels of 99-145.3 mg/dL.

      Patients receiving Lovaza in the first tertile had a median increase in LDL-C of 6.3 mg/dL, whereas subjects in the second, and third tertiles had median REDUCTIONS from baseline of -0.8 mg/dL and -6.8 mg/dL, respectively.

      In the first tertile of baseline LDL-C, the rise in LDL-C was offset by the larger
      decrease in median calculated VLDL-C concentration (-14.8 mg/dL) which resulted in a net reduction in non-HDL-C (-6.0 mg/dL).

      In the second and third tertiles, the median reductions in non-HDL-C (-16.6 and
      -15.3 mg/dL, respectively) were greater than the first tertile due to the reductions in LDL-C."

    • Akanz / Schmakanz / Gary / Kiwi or whoever you are today.

      Pure EPA is NOT a cholesterol drug. That you repeat this all the time makes you sound like a fool.

      And there is no such thing as simple "LDL", things are much more complicated that.

      And if your doctor and your alleged cardiologists does not know that, you should talk to someone else ASAP.

      Please stop repeating the same discredited nonsense all the time!

    • Hahaha, good point brandon:)

    • You guys are missing the point. The point is what AMRN did with an already discovered active moiety. Good luck to you.

    • todhale Aug 17, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

      tell ya what, vescepa and niaspan would do it!

    • Brandon
      As I remember you are a Pharmacist ?
      Your previous posts were sometimes interesting to read but now the quality level is more like Heidi and BigT.

      I appreciate reading informed opposing views so hopefully you can get back to presenting more thoughtful well researched posts.


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