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  • mtdsus mtdsus Sep 15, 2012 11:17 AM Flag

    JELIS study proved Epadel effective in preventing major Coronary events.Reduce-IT-Outcome study changed to more specific events

    Amarin 101 changed in March,2012 the Outcome study--Reduce-IT.
    From : Incidence of Cardiovascularazation
    To: Composite endpoint of CV death,MI,Stroke,Coronary revacularization and hospitalization for unstable angina.
    Various studies--Recent one in JAMA on Fish Oil (mostly Over the counter Fish Oil) andORIGIN study -6 years-in NE journal of medicine--showed no significant benefit.
    JELIS study: For Epadel--90% pure EPA sold in Japan--showed
    1) 19% relative reduction in major Coronary events
    2) Unstable angina and non fatal coronary events were also significantly reduced.
    JELIS study enrolled 18645 patients from 1996-95 and was completed in 2005.It was the largest scientific study in Japan.
    VASCEPA or AMR101 are highly purified EPA--Vascepa is 96% pure vs.Epadel 90% pure EPA.
    Marine Trial data showed significant lowering of LDL and C-RP
    What is C-RP? It is is GOLDEN MARKER for Inflammation and Coronary artery disease according to Dr.Eric Topol,Chief of Cleveland Clinic Cardiology dept.-rated #1 in USA.

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    • Should be called the Ka-Ching study. It'll end early based on stellar results

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    • MTDSUS
      What you want to look for is the sub group in the Jelis Trial ----combination of high TG's and low HDL --- there I think there was a 53 % reduction in events
      I was interviewed by the Reduce trial group re participating in the trial ---they want patients with diabetes of 50 % stenois in 2 coronary arteries ( now with stents ) ---they are intent on this trial deciding once and for all , if high doses's of purified EPA reduce Tg's will this reduce heart attacks and other such "events "

      The "event " lines in Jelis started to diverge after 2 yrs ---so dosing for Reduce it ,began late 2011 , so by late 2013 they should see trends developing.

      An important note on the Jelis trial ---comprised of 69% Japanese women --who were eating fish at least 5 times a week

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    • Mtd, thanks for posting. I agree wholeheartedly. As others have noted on this board, the Jelis study was a relatively healthy population with fish a staple in diet and still showed favorable results. The Reduce-It study is in a high risk population already with heart disease or at high risk for heart disease. It likely will improve upon the Jelis findings. The inclusion criteria for the study using Vascepa:

      Inclusion Criteria:
      Men and non-pregnant or sterile women ages 45 and older
      On statin therapy for at least four weeks
      Either having established Cardiovascular Disease or at high risk for Cardiovascular Disease

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    • I believe strongly that VASCEPA will prove to be far more effective in reducing coronary events than Epadel. But more importantly:
      1) Fish oil sold in over the counter are USELESS-ineffective.
      2) Lovaza is unproven to reduce Coronary events.
      3) Marine trial data is the only evidence so far for VASCEPA or AMR101.
      In 2015 or 2016--OUTCOME STUDY will provide Scientific PROOF for VASCEPA.
      Dr.Bhatt is very hopeful .

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