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  • kaylawa kaylawa Sep 19, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    12/769885 Dispatch to FDC...again?

    Not sure if this means they're about to make the issuance official. Next entry should have been "Notice of Issuance Mailed". So, stay tuned. (this is the COMPOSITION patent up next for the Orange Book-patents updated daily once form received from AMRN)

    09-19-2012 Dispatch to FDC
    09-07-2012 Dispatch to FDC
    07-14-2012 Application Is Considered Ready for Issue

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    • That's not the finest resolution of the timeline. Here is the detailed list:

      09-19-2012 Dispatch to FDC
      09-13-2012 Request for Re-Dispatch
      09-12-2012 Where the @#$%^& is that file I need to be working on today?
      09-09-2012 Cleaning lady throws it away by mistake
      09-07-2012 Dispatch to FDC
      07-14-2012 Application Is Considered Ready for Issue

    • I think there must have been internal system problem.
      Ardhana Sasan is a good examiner. She must have noticed the DELAY
      Look at 46 claims approved for
      To me this 885 is very important patent than 889 patent.
      Composition patents are more important(Attorney's opinion).

    • From the USPTO:
      "Once the fee and any correspondence and/or drawings are matched with the application and all requirements have been met for issuance as a patent, the application is then electronically exported to the Final Data Capture (FDC) stage of the process. The FDC makes any updates necessary to the electronic file and places the allowed patent application in an issue. The average time that an allowed application is in the FDC process is 5 weeks (2 weeks of processing time for assignment of issue date). The "Issue Notification" is mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to the issue date of the patent."

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      • 1 Reply to pebblesinapond
      • Thanks Pebbles! I'm hoping they can move faster using the 598 patent (issued as 146) as a roadmap. Though I know it has no bearing.

        598(146) timeline from FDC:

        05-10-2012 Email Notification
        05-09-2012 Issue Notification Mailed
        05-29-2012 Patent Issue Date Used in PTA Calculation
        05-02-2012 Dispatch to FDC
        04-06-2012 Application Is Considered Ready for Issue

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    • to get number issued

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    • todhale Sep 19, 2012 11:18 AM Flag

      That is interesting. Maybe Marcos at USPTO was making a run to Panera's and wanted to see if his buds at the FDC wanted a sandwich. GET BACK TO WORK, MARCOS! We have forgiven you for your earlier foul-ups, but we have not forgotten.

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