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  • choubix choubix Sep 19, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein (ugh) with a Live Chat starting now on The Street

    AMRN, clock is ticking.
    everybody expects BO or partnership. If "go it alone": catastrophe for the stock

    AF is pessimistic about NCE. thinks that FDA will reject and that AMRN is trying to appeal, hence the delay.

    "if NCE is not important, why is the company hunkered down in a self-imposed blackout period until NCE is resolved?

    And if NCE isnt important, why hasn't a takeout or partnership been signed yet?

    I argue that NCE is important because without it, generic challenges can be filed immediately and that's a deterrent/risk for big pharma. "

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    • The guy is a tool. He doesn't work for 1. Big Analyst company. 2. Has zero credentials in any Biotech or scientific field 3. Works for a blog that makes no bones about shorting stocks and spreading FUD for big hedge funds.

    • The analysts at Jefferies already slapped a cold fish across Adam's face when they said it's illogical for anyone to say that AMRN staved off an FDA decision. Why does he persist with his notion that AMRN had the decision postponed? It's an internal FDA call and will be resolved shortly.

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    • Choubix, is the following a statement made by AF?

      "I argue that NCE is important because without it, generic challenges can be filed ***immediately*** and that's a deterrent/risk for big pharma."

      If you happen to meet AF at the barber shop or the kids' next swimming meet, let him know that a three-year marketing exclusivity is a given (by the FDA) without NCE and without any patent, so "immediately" is obviously incorrect.

      Would it be too much to expect a biotech "expert" to get familiarized with the FDA's rules and procedures?

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      • Hi,

        Yes, it's his comment during the livechat.

        I think he's as much in the dark as we are.
        His take is that near zero chance of NCE and that AMRN is trying to put pressure on FDA.

        I think others here have a better take at things.

        By the way: AF said he's not allowed to invest in stocks he talks about (so that he can be objective I suppose). In a way, it could be good for him as I understand that some people got burnt listening to him ;)

        I will isten to him as he puts stuff on my radar (well: I still need AMRN to take off...)

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    • AF "I see no signs that an AMRN buyout is in the works, other than just speculation. "

      I love these guys:

      Comment From david david : ]
      moving on to another point, dont you in some way feel embarassed at the articles you have put out there which caused a stock to devalue only to be proved wrong

      12:42 adam feuerstein: I'm no more embarrassed by being wrong than I'm proud when i'm right.

      12:42 [Comment From keeping it real keeping it real : ]
      In fact, I consider you a perfect contra indicator and I have done very well trading biotech stocks

      12:43 adam feuerstein: congratulations

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    • if we don't get 5 years we will get 3 years and it takes the FDA 2 years to approve any generic med the point here is for a BO those 2 years safe them some money , then the anchor also is a factor to put a price on it , comes October everything will be clear , unless one buyer is willing to take some risk and win the deal before the others which will be a smart move rather than waiting to be sure and risk a betting war .

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