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  • kaylawa kaylawa Sep 19, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein (ugh) with a Live Chat starting now on The Street


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    • 2 weeks ago,Jim Cramer made favorable comments about Jim Cramer--on CNBC.He owns Street.c
      He explained that how a bad report brought down the stock.
      He recommended QCOR at 48$/share.
      Where does Cramer get his information? From people like AF who work at Street.

    • Look at AF comments on IDIX vs.ACHN. He was down on ACHN and upbeat on IDIX.
      Result: ACHN--up from 6/7 to 94$/share
      IDIX--down from 9 to under 6$/share
      Problem is his sources.Some are misinformed and some are hedge funds.
      I remember his LONG Blog on ARENA--it seemed convincing. He favored VIVUS.
      Result: ARNA went from 2.5 to 11$/share
      VVUS went up from 27$/share to 29$/share.
      Now VIVUS is close to 24$/share-- ARNA is close to 9$/share.
      Read his latest comments on Arena--when VIVUS went up from 22 to 24$/share after launch announcement. He used Great words for VIVUS, but negative words for Arena.
      Actually,one investor sued him when he was writing misleading comments about Arena,before FDA panel meeting. I thought AF had good points--but later found-HE WAS TOTALLY WRONG.
      I read his blog--but his information is wrong more than 50% of times.

    • Feuerstein has been dead wrong more often than not (although I haven't been keeping up with his column, so his record for being right may have improved) and he has cost the small investor big gains because of his failure to even remotely entertain an opposing view to his. He reminds me quite a bit of Keith Olbermann- someone who likes to hear himself talk, but fails to recognize that there is an opposing opinion to his.

      When investing in biotech, it's best to look at both sides of the story and place your buy/sell orders accordingly. However, taking a small amount of money and, after some Due Diligence, placing it on a long shot that has a chance, as Dendreon (DNDN) did (twice), an investor has the chance at realizing substantial gains.

      Feuerstein misses that point and instead of advising investors to do their own Due Diligence, he'd rather them just read his column and take his opinion as the holy grail. That's not looking out for the little guy, and I'm sure glad that I did not heed his advice when I, as a small investor just getting started in the biotech market, would have missed the boat on quite a few stocks that have realized substantial gains after he wrote them off.

      What's comical about his latest column is that when asked about his constant sceptical opinions, he writes:

      I do love a good bear story, I must admit. Journalists are natural-born skeptics, and the high yuck factor in biotech only exacerbates the condition.

      So he's a journalist now- he says so himself.

      Someone who reports opinion over fact, is far from a journalist, especially one that is a self-proclaimed skeptic that likes a 'good bear story'. That means that he is more likely than not to take a possibly good bull story and swing it into a bear story to suit his own satisfaction- and that can cost potential investors a lot of money.

      Investors, do your own Due Diligence. That's the name of the game. Period.

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    • Funny how sure AF is of himself, when he's as clueless as the rest of us on what's happening behind the scenes at AMRN. What a turd he is.

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    • AF has his ups and downs--On Arena he was burnt--made statements 2 days before FDA panel meeting with lot of supporting evidence--all wrong.
      ON Amarin:
      NCE--he informed us of June meeting.
      It is true that NCE decision holdup remains a mystery.
      On Launch:
      It has to be a good strategy with which no one can dispute incl.Joe Zakrzewski,CEO.
      On Patents: Now Soild protection to 2030
      Yes,without NCE,there may some fool to try to sell in a copy cat--but they have to get FDA approval and then face Patent infringement lawsuit--which is Not a Joke in front of US Judges--who are tough on penalties.
      Yes,they may sell in China,India--where penalties are small.
      JOE ZAKRZEWSKI launched LOVAZA in 2005--with great success-He was COO of VALEANT PHARM . .So he knows HOW TO LAUNCH?

    • What is the point? This is like inviting Hansel and Gretel to their Gingerbread house. Avoid these guys.

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      • 1 Reply to edvoks
      • AF:
        AMRN, clock is ticking.
        everybody expects BO or partnership. If "go it alone": catastrophe for the stock

        AF is pessimistic about NCE. thinks that FDA will reject and that AMRN is trying to appeal, hence the delay.

        "if NCE is not important, why is the company hunkered down in a self-imposed blackout period until NCE is resolved?

        And if NCE isnt important, why hasn't a takeout or partnership been signed yet?

        I argue that NCE is important because without it, generic challenges can be filed immediately and that's a deterrent/risk for big pharma. "

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