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  • mtdsus mtdsus Oct 3, 2012 6:36 PM Flag

    Omocor-Lovaza launch by Joe Z and Paul Huff in 2005

    Omacor(original name-changed to Lovaza in July 2007 at FDA request) was launched by Joe Zakrzewski and Paul Huff. They achieved:
    2005 sales close to 150mil.$
    2006 sales 300 mil.$
    2007 Sales 500 mil.$ -- GSK press release said 341 mil.$ in 9 months of 2007--an increase of 62% over the same period in 2006.
    2011 Sales--900mil.$
    Now tell me -DO YOU CONSIDER this a GOOD LAUNCH or Bad launch?

    What's my point: Amarin senior management is capable of launching VASCEPA by themselves.
    GSK did not do any wonders by moving sales from 500mil.$ in 2007 to 900mil.$ in 2011.

    Look at VERTEX--vs.Merck for Hep.C drug.
    Although Merck got approval 3 weeks earlier from FDA, Vertex hit the road so fast that it achieved over 700 mil.$ sales in 5 months and 1.6 bil.$ next year.
    TRUST me-- MERCK,GSK are bureaucratic co.--slow to make decisions.
    If they launched VASCEPA--Sales growth will be slower.

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    • Lovaza is a superior product with extremely attractive economics and had no competetion.

      Vascepa is a inferior product wich will be at least twice as expensive to produce, will have no real protection AND extreme competetion FROM big pharma AND generics from 2015.

      Joe Z came to Reliant AFTER the Lovaza rights where aquired and left BEFORE the company was sold to GSK!

      And the 341 million $ in sales was for ALL Reliants products you #$%$ and they also had almost 900 reps to achive those sales!!

    • Based on Actual facts, Small co.are fast on feet with less bosses to review every decision.Large co.have too many bosses to MICROMANAGE.
      Vertex beat Merck--even after starting 4 weeks delay in FDA approval-gaining 75% Market share in 5 months.
      Same thing happened with Omacor/Lovaza--Sales grew 100% to reach 341 mil.$ in 9months of 2007. GSK Press release says that the growth was 62% over same period of 2006.
      By the time GSK took over in 2008(as purchase happened on Nov.21,2007), Lovaza sales were 500 mil.$.
      GSK grew it from 500 to 900 mil.$ in 4 years to 900 mil.$.
      Pronova--owner of patents was able to grow sales to 500mil.$ in other countries. Total sales in 2011--GSK(Lovaza) + Omacor in Europe =900+500$=1400mil.$

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