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  • kaylawa kaylawa Oct 5, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    885 Sent to FDC a third time. This needs an investigation

    Conspiracy theorists will surmise meddling and third party wants to stall a Composition patent from getting into the OB. Seriously, what's up?

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    • Kay...the '889 is the COMPOSITION patent? And '885 the METHOD patent? I ask because if that is the case and the FDA was holding off waiting for patents, the '885 is the one they would want the most. I hate to bring this up, but with just the '889 patent there is an outside chance that the FDA will kick the can down the road one more time. Which of course would result in one he-ll of a ride.

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      • ucam, I *think* it's the other way around and that 885 would be the first composition patent in the OB?

        I started to update the list Pebbles made last month, my additions in parentheses:

        12052598 Composition Patented - 8,188,146
        12769885 Composition Allowed-Issue Fee Paid (to FDC x3 10/5/12)
        12702889 Marine Allowed-NOA (Issue date 10/23/12 Patent#: 8293727)
        12815569 Anchor Pending
        12951620 Composition Pending
        12888994 Composition Pending
        13040977 Broad Pending
        13061865 Composition Pending
        13198221 Broad/Marine Pending
        13272520 Anchor Pending
        13284408 Marine Allowed-NOA
        13124628 Broad/Anchor Pending
        13282145 Marine Allowed-NOA (Ready For Issue)
        13266374 Composition Pending
        13349153 Marine Allowed-NOA (Issue date: 10/23/12 Patent#: 8293728)
        13349157 Marine Pending
        13349150 Marine Allowed (Ready for Issue)
        13266085 Composition/Broad Method Pending
        13403694 Marine Pending
        13404666 Marine Pending
        13404686 Anchor Pending
        13418591 Marine Pending
        13439392 Composition Pending

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    • Kaylawa,
      you seems to be knowledgeful in this area..could you please tell me how do you check these status..and i don't know what progress does amarin made from the last month on these patents for FDA to determine whether NCE is awarded or not? Do you expect NCE status will be known this month or will be there be any delay again? Thanks for the info..I have good amount of positions and believe in vascepa ..

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      • tabloid, I usually go to the USPTO website and search there. Google: USPTO PAIR and select Public Pair then enter Application Number and look for the Transaction History tab to start. More detail can then be found in the Image File Wrapper. If NCE is going to be delayed again there might be an indication from AMRN next week but not guaranteed. FDA wont come straight out and tell AMRN of a delay but may imply it through requests for more info, etc. Im leaning towards a resolution this month but who knows?

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    • I'm not worried , 598 is stronger ( pure EPA) while 885 is primarliy about packaging and shelf life
      and 889 is king kong

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    • Why don't you point it to USPTO? Send in your complaint.

    • Some one at US PTO is screwing it.(Internal communication/System failure). If it was TC or other reason--it will be shown in PAIR.
      It looks likes Patent attorney for Amarin must have called or E mailed the Examiner--who keeps sending it back again and again.
      889 examiner got the issue date in one week.
      885 examiner seems NOT aggressive as 889 examiner.

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